german rotary tattoo machine view

German rotary tattoo machine aluminum alloy

German rotary tattoo machine

German rotary tattoo machine professional German Motor Tattoo Machine Pen Permanent Makeup Rotary Tattoo Machine Aluminum Alloy Tattoo Pen Tattoo Supplies

Release Time: April 9th , 2019
Size: 114*27mm
Motor: Germany motor
Color: Black, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange

german rotary tattoo machine design
german rotary tattoo machine design

Interface: RCA
Material: Space Aluminum
Craft: CNC carving
Starting Voltage: 3V

Working Voltage: 8-10V, 10V can reach 10,000RPM (Recommended working voltage: 6-8V for lining, 8-12V for shadering)
Stroke: 0-4.5mm (To rotate the tail cap for adjustment)

Warranty: From the date of purchase, pen shell can enjoy a two-year warranty and motor can be covered with lifetime guarantee in case of non-man-made destruction.

Packing: 1pen, 2Poseidon cartridge, 1pen holder, 1UTS silicone pure copper clipcord, 1manual, 1warranty card, 1*exquisite packaging box

Light body, low noise, powerful motor. It will not heat after long working time.

The German rotary tattoo machine perfect complementation of use of Germany motor built-in movement and Chinese packing material improves product quality and extends machine life greatly. Imported motor is outsourced and assembled in China, which helps to reduce costs. It is the best choice for your tattoo.

Novel design, human body function concept, comfortable hand feeling. 27mm Standard size, that is more suitable for the public to use.

Applicable to more than 99% of standard cartridges in the market, such as EZ, BIGWASP, POSEIDON, FYT, etc.

german rotary tattoo machine new
german rotary tattoo machine new

Tattoo Machines Pen New Program Faulhaber Q2

A short and portable tattoo pen machine, all parts integrated in the grip. It’s more suitable for modern tattoo style because it’s lighter and it has minimal self-resonance, allowing you to focus on the needle tip. It can draw delicate lines and it can also make transitional soft shadows.

Professional direct drive machine
Lightweight design, classic appearance.
Faulhaber nominal 7.5V advanced DC-motor.
The recommended operating voltage is 6V-8V. We strongly recommend the working voltage should be always under 10V. Higher voltage is not recommended.

German rotary tattoo machine Support wired power supply, support battery power supply
Accepts all major cartridge brands. (It is not recommended to use hard silicone cartridges)

This Q2 tattoo machine is adopted the German Faulhaber flat motor. Q2 Short cartridges pen is a standard size suit for all sorts of cartridges and power supply in the general market. It weighs only 110 grams and 95mm long. It looks more like a light and comfortable grip.

Because it’s easier to control it to do various exquisite patterns so that many professional tattoo artists like to use it. It can be used with a wireless battery and the operating experience will promote a level. The perfect balance of mechanics puts the center of gravity on the front and the tattoo artist can use it for more skillful operations. The extremely quiet work will not cause panic to the guests. It’s a good choice for any style of tattoo artists.

german rotary tattoo machine
german rotary tattoo machine

110 grams only, forward-weight, aiding the artist with downward needle pressure.

95mm length. Free up your creative space to the fullest. comfortable grip especially advantageous in situations where long working hours are required.

High level of expertise Faulhaber Micromotor makes CNC Q2 perform excellent at lining and color packing.

The drive structure is optimized by the professional CNC design team, combined with high-performance motors, thus significantly reducing vibration and noise.

Love this tattoo pen! It has a great grip/feel while tattooing for hours. Easy twist adjusting for needle depth. Overall build and metals feels like it’s gonna last a longtime. Works great with the wireless RCA battery I picked up from them also. If you are looking for a starter /professional machine for a solid price this is it.

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