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Gign patch Armband Badge France RAID Air Special

Feature Gign patch

Hook&Loop Fastener backing for attachment to Tactical Hats and Gear Gign patch
Size: 8cm/8*5cm
Material: PVC/Full embroidery

Color red gign patch
Color red gign patch

Can be used with Condor, Tru-Spec and other Operator / Contractor Caps
Packing: 1pcs Patch

Why the French GIGN go into a mission wielding a revolver

After the horrific terror attacks at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics ended in the death of 11 hostages, nations of the world began creating their own versions what we, in the United States, call Special Weapons and Tactics teams, or SWAT teams. Just under a year later, France established their very own elite tactical police unit called the Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, or GIGN.

Their counter-terrorism efforts are well regarded when they operate within their homeland, but not many know that they’re also a component of the French Armed Forces, which means they’re one part elite police officers and one part special operations soldier.

They’ve quickly become the most experienced and successful counter-terrorist organization in the world, tallying up over 1,800 publicly known missions with a near-flawless track record. And each time the Gendarmerie step up against a threat, they’ll always bring a trusty six-shooter revolver as their sidearm.

gign patch promotion
gign patch promotion

While the GIGN does employ a wide variety of firearms for any given mission, including the MP5 submachine gun, the Fabarm SDASS Tactical shotgun, the Hécate II sniper rifle, and, recently, the BREN 2 rifle, their sidearm of choice is almost always the Manurhin MR73 double-action revolver. It should be noted that some have been known to carry Glock 17s, but that’s more the exception than the rule.

When the testing which sidearm to field, the MR73 made the cut after the teams were able to each shoot over 150 rounds of .38 Special with their sample weapons. They didn’t need to see any other firearms — the MR73 was the first and only sidearm they wanted to test.

Each MR73 is made to be used in marksmanship competitions. Each Gign patch has an adjustable trigger weight in both double-action and single-action modes so it can be made to perfectly fit its wielder.

Even when the officer is given a choice of firearms, they’ll still almost always take the revolver. Because nothing beats a classic.

But while the MR73 revolver is a solid, practical choice, it’s just as much a status symbol. Commissioner Robert Broussard also saw what the revolver meant to the lawmen of America. It was the weapon of choice used by police to take down both Wild West outlaws and prohibition-era gangsters. A weapon like that earned its place among his police.

Historical status aside, the Manurhin MR73 is one the last remaining high-quality French firearms. The truth is, there simply aren’t many French firearm manufacturers that strive to achieve ultimate quality. Having a highly-customizable, expertly-crafted, .38 Special-firing symbol of both France industry and Wild West lawman? It’s the perfect match for the GIGN.

Modern gign patch
Modern gign patch

[AIRSOFT / COSPLAY] Gign patch complete your costume with this 100th Space Shuttle Mission Nasa embroidered iron on patch

[LIFETIME WARRANTY] This patch is made of embroidery of superior quality which makes it very resistant. The patch will not be destroyed by rain or dust. You can even wash it with the rest of your clothing

[FITS PERFECT] This patch is not too big or too small. With its dimensions of 8 cm, it fits all military vests, backpacks, hats…. and looks like a real military or navy seals team, SWAT or SAS patch
[QUICK AND EASY] Velcro fastening on the back, can be attached to any velcro surface: safety vest, tactical vest, BDU, shirt, pockets, hats…

[WARRANTY & SERVICE] All our items are equipped with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we are obliged to respond to any request within 24 hours.

All our products are in stock, so we can immediately pack your order after receiving payment a send it out the following day. All of our deliveries are via DPD, which takes about 2 days to arrive.

figure gign patch
figure gign patch

All our products have a 2 year warranty in accordance with Belgian consumer protection laws. If a product is broken while it is still under warrenty, just contact us and we’ll see to help you immediately.

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