Good tattoo gun kits

Good tattoo gun kits machine shader & liner

Good tattoo gun kits

New design, Good tattoo gun kits easy to control. Most popular tattoo makeup machine.
This rotary tattoo machine can be used for both liner and shader with Silent and Low vibrating. Small sound, strong power, convenient
Ergonomic design is easy to hold

Good tattoo gun kits best
Good tattoo gun kits best

Special design which toggle the needles-do not need rubber bands anymore. Accepts all standard grips, tubes and needles. Adjustable hitting force.
Speed: about 0-8000R/Minute / 0-130/Second
Suspension stroke: 0 – 2 mm

Coil Tattoo Machines

Dual Coiled Tattoo Machines are by far the most commonly used tattoo machine…

Fun Fact: Dual Coil Tattoo Machines are an industry standard, but there are actually single coiled, and triple coiled tattoo machines as well..

With Coil Tattoo Machines, the coils produce an electromagnetic circuit which moves the needle of a tattoo machine up and down….

And when applied to the skin, the needle bops in and out of the dermis (second layer of skin tissue).

Pneumatic Tattoo Machines

Pneumatic Good tattoo gun kits Machines are simply tattoo machines that are powered by an air compressor which moves the needle.

They have similar advantages to a rotary tattoo machine but they tend to be high end and expensive, which is one reason why Pneumatic Tattoo Machines are rarely used by tattoo artists.

“Lining” or “Outlining” is where most tattoo artists choose to start since it’s basically the foundation of your tattoo…

Good tattoo gun kits promotion
Good tattoo gun kits promotion

Lining is simply the outline, shape, or lines that make up the beginning structure of a tattoo of a tattoo that you’re working on….

This is an important technique to master if you want to make other-worldly tats…

Your lining can affect a vast number of things in how your tattoo will look once finished.

Depth of Field
Accuracy of Artwork (which is important if you’re going for a realistic look)
And Much More…
And just like with drawing, almost all people begin drawing the lines to whatever it is that they’re drawing, THEN they move onto shading & coloring.


Shading is another important, fundamental technique as it affects things like:

Dimensions (2D, 3D)
So learning how to shade properly with your tattoo machine will be crucial if you want to be able to craft tats that turn heads in amazement.

But I should emphasize how important it is, because coloring can make some tattoos “POP”…

And while some tat work like what blackwork artists do, doesn’t need color to look finished & incredible…

Other tattoos might need color to give it that finished look…

It’s easy to know if a tat needs color, when you look at a tat and you imagine that tat in your mind….

If it has color in your minds eye then you should probably color the sucker…

A good example would be a tattoo of Mario & Luigi…

I’m sorry but, I can’t imagine Mario & Luigi in black or grey…

Good tattoo gun kits deal
Good tattoo gun kits deal

A tat like that should pop with eye-loving colors to make it look finished & all the more badass!

Lettering is quite self explanatory as well…

There is a large amount of people who want tattoos with words on them, but that are designed in a certain way…

So learning to do Lettering effortlessly will benefit you as a tattoo artist

If you were specifically looking for a pen styled rotary tattoo machine then “Essence” by Dragonhawk, is exactly what you were looking for…

It’s designed Good tattoo gun kits for beginners and it’s so lightweight and easy to use…

The biggest downfall about this product is that it doesn’t come with ink, practice skin, or gloves…

So basically, the additional items that you’ll need (you only really need ink, but you may want the other stuff) to get started are sold separately, but the machine itself is damn near pro quality…

If you already have ink or feel like buying it separately, then this would be the best pen styled rotary tattoo machine for you as a beginner.

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