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Hai buja bike price mirrors cycling rear

Details Hai buja bike price

Product Name: Bicycle Rearview Mirror
Product material: ABS plastic + reflective mirror
Applicable size: Suitable for 15-35MM/0.59*1.38inch handlebars

Hai buja bike price
Hai buja bike price

Suzuki Hayabusa Overview

The Hai buja bike price, often termed as one of the sensational sportsbikes of 2019, is featuring super cool features. This iconic two-wheeler is backed by an excellent acceleration producing ability. The bike comes along with a lightweight and firm aluminium-made frame and with the top-class suspension system. Its brilliant mileage and engine capacity are followed by decent handling and outstanding stability features.

The sportbike features sleek and smooth bodywork with the overall length of the bike is 2190mm followed by 735mm width and 1165mm height. Its curb weight is 266kg whereas seat height is 805mm. The bike has passenger footrest and is a single seat variant that comes equipped with some exclusive features including Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTY) and Suzuki Drive Mode Selector System (S-DMS). It has an LED tail lamp and turns signal lamp, a pass switch, projector headlight, LED tail light, and halogen bulb.

The front suspension of Suzuki Hayabusa 2019 features Inverted Telescopic; oil damped, and coil spring whilst Link Type, coil spring, and oil damped being its rear suspension system. It has an excellent acceleration producing capacity with decent ARAI mileage.

Details Hai buja bike price
Details Hai buja bike price

The Hai buja bike price aerodynamic and sleek profile of the motorbike is all that makes it stand out from the crowd plus its performance is super cool. It has high-speed stability and an overall good handling and suspension system capacity. Coming to the downside, it seems quite dated design bike to the sportbike enthusiasts. Furthermore, it supports low-speed manoeuvrability and limited electronics features. Overall, it comes at a decent price tag and is worth your investment.

The overall mileage generation ability of the car is 15 Kmpl which may vary depending upon the type of terrain the bike is driven upon and driving mode selected.

Suzuki Hayabusa 2019 is specifically known for its DOHC, 4-stroke engine that supports 4 cylinders with 4 valves per each cylinder. It has a fine displacement capacity of 1340cc with a total power production ability of 195 PS at 9,500 rpm leading to the maximum torque output production of 155 Nm at 7,200 rpm. The compression ratio of the sportbike is 12.5:1 and it endorses a manual transmission system comprising 6-speed gearbox for an excellent power generation capacity.

Both the rear and front brakes of the Hai buja bike price come incorporated with disc and the size of each wheel is 17 inches. It comes with tubeless, radial tires with the size of the front tire being 120/70-ZR17 and the rear tire is 190/50-ZR17. The bike endorses analogue speedometer and tachometer as well as a digital odometer, clock, and trip meter. It has dual channel ABS with a digital and analogue console. This latest Suzuki variant has a low fuel indicator and an electronic ignition system.

Overview Hai buja bike price
Overview Hai buja bike price

As sportbike is in huge demand in the recent times, Suzuki Hayabusa has got tough competition in the form of Kawasaki Ninja 1000, Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R, Yamaha YZF R1, Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10R, Honda CBR1000RR, and a lot more.

Suzuki Hayabusa – your guide to the original 200mph production bike

The Hai buja bike price was designed with the sole intention of being the fastest production motorbike of its day. It was one of the bikes that led to the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between manufacturers that road bikes would be limited to around 186mph and as a result it would become the fastest production bike of the 20th century.

Honda had perched atop the list of fastest production motorcycles with the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird since 1997, having ended the rein of the Kawasaki ZZ-R1100. The name ‘Hayabusa’ is the Japanese word for peregrine falcon, the fastest bird on the planet that also happens to prey on blackbirds.

With a top speed (before 2001) of 199mph, the Hai buja bike price certainly achieved its target but it actually makes a competent touring bike too.

There isn’t a modern version of this bike on sale at time of publication, but we do have intel that another one is on the horizon. Read more news about the next Suzuki Hayabusa here.

Entire Hai buja bike price
Entire Hai buja bike price

Biking cliché no18; ‘I don’t really go mad on a bike, but it’s good to have the power to get me out of trouble’. Can we just say that if the required solution is a Suzuki Hayabusa, then you must be getting into an awful lot of trouble.

The biggest challenge buying a Hayabusa is ignoring the ads for the very early unrestricted models. Those bikes are supposedly more desirable because the legend is that they do 200mph. Apparently all the models that followed are rubbish because they are restricted to a pathetically slow 186mph.

I have never ridden a motorbike on the road at 186mph and I’ve been lucky enough (and stupid enough) to be a road tester for 23 years in some of the daftest of times.

Even if I ever did hit 186mph on the road, I’m pretty sure I’d run out of bravery and road a long time before I eked those final 14mph out of an early Hayabusa. And that’s forgetting that the early bike is now 20 years old and therefore, unlikely to be still putting out the full one million bhp.

Even if it were, those ageing suspension bushes, swing arm, steering head and wheel bearings would make it weave so badly you’d shut off long before things got too speedy and that’s before we consider the 20-year-old fork oil, brake hoses and everything else.

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