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Surround Sound Effect: Havit h2000d double 50mm large loudspeakers offer an improved and stereo sound for music, games and speech chaos with crystal clear lows, mids and highs, improved bass reproduction.
Practical gaming headphones: microphone can be fixed in any position you want. Volume control and microphone mute are on the left headset. This means that you can quickly mute yourself when a coughing attack threatens and you can easily adjust the volume at any time.

Connect Havit h2000d
Connect Havit h2000d

RGB Gaming Headset: Colorful RGB lighting can bring you into the gaming atmosphere for a more intense gaming experience
Entry-level gaming headset that is comfortable to wear: soft ear pads with memory foam and synthetic leather and adjustable headband ensure that you are still comfortable even after many hours of gaming
One headset, all platforms: suitable for all 3.5mm interface devices. Support for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Switch, Laptop, Mac, Tablets, Cell Phone.

The best gaming headsets in 2021

The best gaming headset Havit h2000d can bring the boom, and make all the difference to your immersion gaming experience. It can be the deciding factor in crucial life-or-death situations in game, and can provide outstanding levels of comfort for that marathon gaming session you’re planning. It may be easy to quantify how much impact an Nvidia RTX 3080 can have on performance, but it’s harder to express how much of a difference crystal clear gaming audio can make.

For anyone into competitive games, a quality gaming headset is essential to the experience. It allows you to pinpoint enemies with directional audio, and react swiftly—rather than firing in the general direction of that useless onscreen damage indicator.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a gaming headset. Price and sound quality top the list—these are the biggest factors we weighed when picking our favourites for this list. Comfort is up there, too. Also, noise-cancelling mics are crucial for coms, so most of the headsets we’ve listed here include this feature. You want decent voice quality and a microphone that won’t pick up every single keypress on your mechanical keyboard.

Adding one of the best gaming headsets of 2020 to your set-up shouldn’t cost the earth either. You can grab our top pick, the Razer Blackshark V2, for $100, giving you a sturdy headset with excellent sound quality. Alternatively, if you have the money to spare and want to go with a wireless option, you could do a lot worse than the HyperX Cloud Orbit S.

Control Havit h2000d
Control Havit h2000d

Our list of the best gaming headsets has something for everyone regardless of budget. If you’re determined to cut down on cord clutter, our guide to purely the best wireless gaming headsets may be more to your taste.

Dethroning the HyperX Cloud Alpha from the top spot wasn’t an easy job. Razer’s Blackshark V2 gaming headsets manages to do just that by offering killer audio quality, great price, and easy-to-use software.

The 50mm TriForce Titanium drivers are designed with discrete ports to separate bass, mid, tremble tones from interfering with each other. The result is a richer sound and keeps it on par with HyperX’s 50mm dual-chamber neodymium driver headset.

The $100 price point is not a big financial ask for anyone who wants a quality gaming headset. The Blackshark V2 Pro’s recent release gives players a wireless option though, $180 seems a bit steep.

Bearing Havit h2000d the fruits of HyperX Cloud’s long legacy of excellence, the Cloud IIs presents excellent sound and build quality with the essential features done well and no feature-flab inflating the price. This closed-back design’s stereo soundscape is punchier in the low end than we’d usually go for. Still, the extra bass doesn’t interfere with overall clarity—and frankly, in games and music environments, it sounds great. The 53mm with neodymium magnets is intended to give low, medium and high frequencies space to resonate without interfering with each other, and you do get a sense of that while listening to them.

Havit h2000d best
Havit h2000d best

Elsewhere it’s the usual impressive build quality, generous padding, clear mic, and high comfort levels over longer play sessions that the Cloud II design has always offered.

The more recent Nari Ultimate might grab the headlines with its divisive haptic feedback feature. Still, while it looks the same, it has arguably weaker audio than the classic Thresher Ultimate. For our money, that’s the best gaming headset Razer has created, and it’s one we still use today.

I’d much rather have the detailed, robust audio of the Thresher’s more aurally acute drivers than something that feels like you’re being prodded in the side of the head every time an explosion goes off in-game.

The wireless connection is solid, the fit comfortable, the battery life decent—though not class-leading at around ten hours—and if you grab a pair of the optional pink cat ears off the Razer store, you can make them look just fabulous.

We like best about the Arctis 9X Havit h2000d because you can easily forget it’s a wireless model while you’re using it. There’s none of the muddiness or audio artifacts that have historically ruined the party for wireless headsets. The added Bluetooth compatibility means that you can use this headset on your mobile devices, too, perfect is you plan on gaming on your phone or tablet.

Havit h2000d
Havit h2000d

The great battery life clocks in at over 20 hours out of the box; you can keep playing while you charge, too, simply by connecting the headset to your PC with a USB cable.

The distinctive ski goggle headband is really effective at keeping the weight of the headset away from your head, and even after playing for hours, we’ve never felt it digging in.

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