homtom ht70 battery replacement

homtom ht70 battery replacement

HT70 10000mAh Replacement BATTERY For Homtom HT70

homtom ht70 battery replacement
homtom ht70 battery replacement

Homtom HT70 Lithium-ion battery assembled with high-grade lithium-ion cells quality.
It complies with European Community regulations.
Respect the production and disposal criteria currently in force within the European Community.
Certified product CE & RoHs.

Description: homtom ht70 battery replacement

Brand : Homtom
Capacity : 10000mAh/23.38WH
Voltage : 3.8V
Encoding : ECN11654_TE
Product color : White
Chemistry : Li-ion
Product : Homtom HT70

homtom ht70 battery
homtom ht70 battery

Items for homtom ht70 battery replacement

Please carefully read the HT70 battery information and compatible models provided by us, please do not buy it by mistake. If in doubt, please send an email.

Deal with a non-removable internal battery with the help of tools and full of DIY experience. If not, get professionals’ help.

Li-ion rechargeable battery is not compatible with other types of battery, like ni-mh, ni-cd.

Homtom battery HT70” offered by batteryclub.org, belongs to the Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, self-protected if overcharged, perfectly run in motion for cell phone Homtom HT70.

The same series of Homtom mobile phone may be divided into versions or names among different regions. Please carefully check your mobile phone model and the capacity of the original battery.

If the above Homtom HT70 battery appearance or battery capacity does not match your mobile phone, please quickly visit our website and keep in touch with our mailbox.

homtom ht70 battery 5000mah
homtom ht70 battery 5000mah

quality homtom ht70 battery replacement

-The declared mAhs are real.
-The quality of the cells is of the highest quality.
-The quality of plastic is highly selected.
-Quality of contacts and assembly, respect the highest safety constraints.
-These HT70 Portable Batteries have all the certifications to be able to be commercialized in Europe respecting all the safety constraints.

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