honda civic hybrid cvt belt quality

Honda civic hybrid cvt belt automatic transmission

Honda civic hybrid cvt belt

Honda civic hybrid cvt belt car Model: for Nissan.
Type: Replacement Transmission CVT.

honda civic hybrid cvt belt
honda civic hybrid cvt belt

Package: 1x Transmission Belt Chain CVT.
Applicable Model 1: for Nissan Cube.
Original Number: SZCA 901027/901057

Review: 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT

Transportation Honda civic hybrid cvt belt futurists are predicting that the automotive future belongs to electricity, with hydrogen fuel cells providing that power. Perhaps. But even the most optimistic observers don’t expect commercial use of fuel cells before 2010. Until then expect to see more internal combustion-electric hybrid vehicles.

These combine power from an electric motor with power from a gasoline or diesel engine. The batteries that provide power for the motor are recharged during the vehicle’s operation by running the motor as a generator. This dispenses with a major problem of battery-electric vehicles. There is no need to plug a hybrid vehicle into an external power source for a lengthy recharge – it recharges itself.

Honda got a head start in the hybrid field when it introduced the two-seat Insight with the “Integrated Motor Assist” (IMA) system in 1999. The Insight was and is an impressive little vehicle, but size is its major drawback. It is strictly a two-seater, with limited luggage space.

honda civic hybrid cvt belt promotion
honda civic hybrid cvt belt promotion

So Honda took the lessons learned with the Honda civic hybrid cvt belt Insight and applied them to its ever-popular Civic sedan to create the Civic Hybrid last year. As a four-door sedan, the Civic Hybrid is fully capable of fulfilling the same transportation needs as any other small sedan. I tested a 2003 Civic Hybrid almost a year ago and found it to be as functional, practical, and well-made as any other Civic, and even more economical.

But Honda never stops development, and the Civic Hybrid has some important revisions for its second year. All Civic sedans have freshened exterior and interior styling, and enhanced sound dampening. The Hybrid’s electric motor develops more torque, and Hybrids sold in California and the Northeast have minor modifications that give them “Advanced Technology Partial Zero- Emissions Vehicle” (AT-PZEV) status.

I’ve been driving a new Civic Hybrid for the past week, and after 250 miles still had half a tank of gas left. There are few compromises necessary with this car. It’s as refined and comfortable as any other Civic, and has more than adequate performance for its intended market.

honda civic hybrid cvt belt new
honda civic hybrid cvt belt new

The 2004 Civic sedan’s restyling is subtle. On all, the front and rear bumpers, headlights, and grille have all been slightly changed for a sleeker look. The headlights are lower and more pointed, with a similarity to those of the latest Accord, and the hood and front fenders are slightly reshaped. All sedan models share a new front bumper fascia that features multiple intake openings and small corner chin spoilers for a sporty look. All `04 Civic sedans have one-bar horizontal grilles, but the Hybrid’s bar is thicker. It also has unique badging and standard alloy wheels.

As outside, there are minor but useful changes to the Civic sedan’s interior. As always, it’s plain but comfortable and functional, and built to a high standard with quality synthetic materials. The Hybrid is a fully-equipped model, with most of the features of the premium EX. A new center console, with an armrest and storage, adds convenience, while adjustable outboard rear headrests enhance both comfort and safety.

Additional sound dampening gives a more refined driving experience to all Civic models. The front bucket seats provide good support and comfort; the driver’s seat now is manually height-adjustable. Like all other current Civic sedans, the Hybrid’s interior holds five real people and features a flat rear floor for better rear-seat passenger comfort.

The Hybrid is little different from any other Civic sedan inside until you put the key (a proven-technology key, no futuristic transponder device) in the ignition and the instruments light up to reveal the IMA gauge to the right of the central speedometer. Also, because of the battery pack in the trunk, the rear seat back does not fold. The battery pack is small enough to have a minimal impact on trunk space.

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