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Hoop bending machine GW40 automatic

Hoop bending machine

Hoop bending machine Steel bar bending machine bending machine GW40 automatic CNC bending hoop machine bending machine 380V 3KW

hoop bending machine new
hoop bending machine new

Product size:800700650MM
product weight:200KG
Diameter of round steel:6-26mm
Rebar diameter:6-22mm

Introduction of CNC bending machine

Because CNC bending machine is a kind of universal parts, it can be used in many equipments. Therefore, the market demand for CNC bending machine is great. Numerical control hoop bending machines are used in equipment in many fields, and the fields involved in these equipment are various. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to some small differences between them in the purchase of CNC bending machine.

Choosing hoop bending machine The existence of CNC hoop bending machine also has certain differences, and there are some different series in the market. For such a CNC bending machine, consumers must see clearly when purchasing, make sure that one is what they need, and if they want to buy, they must choose the most appropriate one.

The Hoop bending machine parameters are different even for the same type of CNC bending machine. At this time, the parameters of CNC bending machine products are a very important data basis. After selecting the type and series in the front, the model must be determined according to the data on the parameters.

hoop bending machine quality
hoop bending machine quality

Fixed method The CNC bending hoop machine also has many different fixed methods. These methods are introduced and analyzed in related articles. You must learn about this before purchasing. The existence of differences and differences in various aspects is not meaningless. On the contrary, the existence of these differences allows the CNC bending machine to adapt to more equipment and industries, so as to have more space in the market.

The invention discloses a multidirectional hoop bending device of a numerically-controlled reinforcement bar hoop bending machine. The device comprises a motor, a gearbox, a hoop bending shaft, an up-down moving oil cylinder, a guide rod, an upper stop point limiting switch, a lower stop point limiting switch, a zero position limiting switch, a 180-degree limiting switch, a follow-up bracket, a shaft coupling

A rotary encoder, a linear optical shaft, an optical shaft slider, a left-right moving oil cylinder, a left movement limiting switch, a right movement limiting switch and a left-right moving shift fork, wherein the hoop bending shaft comprises an inner wheel and an outer wheel; the zero position limiting switch and the 180-degree limiting switch are arranged on the upper and lower positions of the shaft coupling; one end of the shaft coupling is connected with the rotary encoder;

hoop bending machine
hoop bending machine

The up-down moving oil cylinder is in rigid connection with the gearbox; the left movement limiting switch and the right movement limiting switch are arranged on the left-right moving shift fork; and the follow-up bracket is arranged on the linear optical shaft through the optical shaft slider. Through the invention, the same reinforcement bar can be bent in different forward-backward directions without stopping the machine, and the working efficiency can be obviously improved.

A large amount of uses along with building field concrete component, stirrup different in concrete component uses in a large number, for a long time, stirrup is all to complete by hand by builder, its technique falls behind, and takes time and effort inefficiency, the curved size of stirrup, angle precision are poor, have a strong impact on architectural engineering progress and building integral quality.

Along with the raising of Mechanization Level, both at home and abroad manufacturer production various reinforcing steel bar hoop bending machinery, the device of hoop bender bending hoop part can only carry out bar bending to a direction, cannot complete with crooked reinforcing bar shape crooked in the other direction.

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