hybrid tattoo pen stigma

Hybrid tattoo pen stigma makeup machine kit swiss motor

Hybrid tattoo pen stigma

Hybrid tattoo pen stigma color: Silver,Rose,Black
AC dapcter:US,UK,Au,Eu available
Input voltage: 110-240V
Output voltage: 0-12V
Working voltage range:6-10V

hybrid tattoo pen stigma feature
hybrid tattoo pen stigma feature

Electricity: 0-3.5A
Medium stroke 0-3.5mm
Weight: about 160g
Certification: CCC,CE

Hybrid tattoo pen stigma Adopt with pure metal shell technics, space silver color, never get abrasion;
Installed with Japan motor and original Japan Bearing,High speed achieved, 15000R/min, high performance;
Rotation stable, less vibration, low noise muffled;
Suitable for eyebrows, eyelids and lips, It Also Very Helpful In Body Tattoo design

Needle length adjustable from 0-3.5mm;
Set with pen cap, safety and convenient;
The working life is two twice longer than ordinary permanent makeup machines.

Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Review 2021

Stigma is known for using German frames and Swiss motors for their tattoo machines. They are also acclaimed for creating the best tattoo shading instruments. Their biggest milestone achieved to date is having invented a rapid method of adjusting the “give” that is characteristic of rotary tattoo machines, enabling them to hit harder or softer quickly.

This quick needle adjustment innovation by them became widely cloned. As a result, their high-quality standards and constant innovation momentum have led them to be among the industry’s best rotary tattoo machine manufacturers today.

hybrid tattoo pen stigma new
hybrid tattoo pen stigma new

In this article, we have reviewed the ‘Stigma Tattoo Kit.’ Our primary emphasis is to review the main component within the kit — the Stigma EM125 pen-shaped rotary tattoo gun and accessories. Through the review, you’ll learn how well this product fares with the promise of superior quality, innovative technology, operational precision, spellbound designing, and reliable customer service the brand Stigma is known for.

Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

The Stigma EM125 rotary tattoo machine is available in two color variants — rose gold and black. This model is vastly popular. Its ergonomic pen-style shape has attracted users ranging from beginners to professional-level tattoo artists for its capability to perform a full spectrum of tattoo tasks. The machine operates with a DC connector within 12V of operation voltage.

A Hybrid tattoo pen stigma robust Japanese motor powers this Stigma rotary tattoo machine, and the body is made with a Space Aluminum frame. You get incredible performance because of additional features such as the advanced gear system, quiet operation, and no vibration.

hybrid tattoo pen stigma quality
hybrid tattoo pen stigma quality

Another delightful factor is the fact you get two tattoo batteries for the machine in this kit. This is an attractive feature since while one battery gets charged, you’re working with the other one. Artists working on long tasks consider this very important to finish the client’s tattoo design in fewer sittings.

The kit includes a few main accessories. The limited accessory list is nothing to get too excited about if you’re a beginner artist. It’s reassuring to know that the Stigma EM125 is compatible with all types of tattoo needles on a more positive note. Further, the CE certification of this model is a testament to its superior technology and overall quality. There’s also a one-year warranty backing — further reassurance your investment is worthwhile!

Here’s a summary of the specifications and features of the Stigma tattoo kit with the rotary tattoo machine model EM125.

The tattoo machine is lightweight with an ergonomic grip for better control and easier handling. Furthermore, you have the grip bandage for further customizing the grip to suit your hand. 

The battery design is also ergonomic. It can be conveniently switched with the extra battery. It also has an innovative display that indicates the remaining battery power and the gear of output voltage.

In the kit, there’s an extra battery so that your work goes on uninterrupted. The advantage of having these 1500 mAh batteries is that they’re light, reusable, and easy to shift. Each battery’s measurements are 2.7 × 1.2 × 0.9 inches, and the weight is 2 ounces. The output voltage is 4.5 – 10.5V. The ultimate service time on a full charge depends on the output voltage used. Typically, the battery lasts 3-6 hours on a full charge, depending on the use.

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