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2020 New Upgrated i9000 tws
Powerful Bluetooth 5. 0
Superior HD Stereo Sound

Capacity i9000 tws
Capacity i9000 tws

This wireless earbuds’s graphene-coated drivers are rigid, yet light. Crystal clarity and deep, resonant bass with delicately tuned sound signature deliver immersive sound and put you on the stage center. Adopting latest Bluetooth 5.0 maintain a super-strong Bluetooth connection and a superior sound across the entire frequency range.

F10 wireless earphones will easily and effortlessly connect to your device when taken out from the case, letting you enjoy your music easier and more quickly than other more complicated headsets.

i9000 tws review

Fake Airpods everywhere! On Aliexpress and on local webshops. But very often the quality is awful. Sometimes you can’t hear the lower tones. In other cases they have a very poor battery. And in some cases the fake Airpods even have a complete different look and feel than the originals. We tested more than 20 different versions and we tell you in this article what is the best buy.

You read it correct: the i500 and i9000 are often good. That doesn’t mean that if you buy the i500, it is always a good earphone. But we will explain later why this is. First we’ll give you an overview with the best few tws (true wireless stereo) that look like Airpods.

So if you buy let’s say the i500 tws, it doesn’t mean that you will get exactly the version we have bought and tested. We will add links in this article so you will have exactly the version we have tested.

Comfort i9000 tws
Comfort i9000 tws

We have tested 5 versions per i-number. So we have tested 5 versions of the i12 tws. And guess what? We received 5 different versions of the i9000 tws.

So be warned: the one i12 is not the same as the other i12 tws. In the above picture you can see clearly that the packages are different. On one of the 2 versions there are even a lot of typos on the package!

For example, it has written on the package: “Open the lip and conneot antomatically”. And exactly that package contained a very bad version of the i12 tws. Maybe they meant “Can not” instead of “conneot”.

You are probably thinking: what does the ‘i’ and the number mean. A short answer is: nothing. The long answer is: the Chinese factories are not always able to write the word “Airpods” in their listings and advertisements. Airpods is a trademarked product name.

So they started giving the fake Airpods different names. But the names like ‘i500’ or ‘i9000’ are of course no trademarked names. That means every single factory in mainland China can label their product as being the ‘i500’ or ‘i9000’. The name does not guarantee the quality.

Power i9000 tws
Power i9000 tws

What Fake Airpods are the best?

The best Airpods are the i500 tws and i9000 tws. In both cases we bought 4 versions. In case of the i500 tws wireless earphones there was one single version that surprised us very positively. These tws wireless earphones have the same quality of sound as the originals. You read that correctly: the sound is as good as the real ones.

The sound quality of the i500 is great. The balance between high tones and lower tones are very good. And where lower tones lack most often in low end earphones, the bass of the best version of i500 tws was very good.

However, the microphone of that best version of i500 tws was a bit worse. It is hard for the person on the other side of the line to hear you when there is surrounding sound. But hey, it was not worse than we would expect from Bluetooth earphones of this price.

Stereo i9000 tws
Stereo i9000 tws

The i500 and the i9000 both have a lot of features that the real Airpods also have. They have an in-ear sensor, GPS (Find my Airpods) and you will be able to change the name of the i500 tws.

The in ear sensor works pretty good. This means that if you take one of the earbuds out of your ear, the music will pauze. This is very handy when you walk somewhere and suddenly someone starts talking to you. Your first reaction is to pull out the earphones out of your ear. And that way the music pauzes and you are able to listen and talk to anyone you want.

On iPhones you can see where you had connection to the i500 Airpods for the last time. That way you can use the function ‘Find my Airpods’ in your iPhone with these tws.

One of the things that people consider as important is that they are able to change the name of the fake Airpods. Well the i500 tws you can change the name to whatever you want. So that is a big plus.

You can definitely connect with your iPhone with these i500 tws fake Airpods. better said: by connecting the earphones to your iPhone, you will get some of the last features we mentioned. Such as GPS location but also the pop-up. Your iPhone will think it is connecting to Airpods. In the popup you can see the battery percentages of the charging case and the earphones.

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