Details Ican sn02

Ican sn02 carbon fat bike frame rear space

26er carbon fat bike frame 197mm rear space fat bike carbon frame UD matt Red color with ican brand 17/19 inches SN02

Ican sn02 best
Ican sn02 best

Details Ican sn02

Type:Fat bike frame Ican sn02
Size:17/19 inch
BB:BSA(100mm BB shell)
Weave:UD Matt or painting
Frame Weight:1520+/-40g(17)
Fork Weight:540+/-15g
Fork:135×15 or 150×15
Rear Space:197×12
Max Tires:26×4.8
Seat post:31.6
Seat post clamp:34.9
Disc Rotor:160mm

Fat Bike Frame SN02

Have you looked at fat bike ultra-endurance races, such as the Arrowhead 135, and thought this sounds like a great thing to be doing? Your friends might start questioning your sanity, but we believe that you are on a great path and we have a great frame to help you realize that goal, the Ican sn02.

Aesthetically the SN02 looks fast; it is a fat bike frame that looks like it wants to conquer great distances and do them as quickly as possible. Which is excellent news if you fancy racing on the SN02 frame. One of the things you will want for covering vast distances is a light bike and with the Ican sn02frame being constructed from high modulus Toray T700 carbon fiber you are off to a great start.

Another critical consideration for going long distance is reliability. That is why we offer a 2-year warranty on our carbon fiber frames, and we have fitted a 100mm BSA bottom bracket shell. Threaded bottom brackets work. The frame is also designed to run fully internal cables; this means when you are outside in the worst of weather your cables will be working as if they were new for as long as possible.

To keep the frame stiff we have fitted a tapered headtube, built up around the bottom bracket, and added a thru axle to the 197mm symmetrical rear end. Not only will you be able to conquer races with this frame but it can comfortably take you to the shops to buy a bottle of milk if that is all the adventure you need.

Ican sn02
Ican sn02

Sn04 From Ican Review Carbon Wheels

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Overview Ican sn02
Overview Ican sn02

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Weight Ican sn02
Weight Ican sn02

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