Details ifs10r

Ifs10r DIP-8 New and original

Details Ifs10r

Operating Temperature: International standard
Supply Voltage: International standard
Dissipation Power: International standard
Package: DIP

ifs10r best
ifs10r best
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OPA1611 Single OPA DIP8

This Ifs10r is ideal for the replacement of any OP NE5534, OPA134, OPA627 DIP8 compatible amplifier, an excellent mono, dynamic, straight, affordable AOP that will find its place notably in the output of DAC and headphone amplifier.

This Texas Instruments AOP prefigures the latest generation dedicated to High Fidelity from the American manufacturer. This AOP has a very low distortion rate of 0.000015% and a slew rate of 27v/µs. It has a high noise rejection and noise filtering performance.

Featuring Ifs10r a wide operating voltage range (±2.25V to ±18V) with a current requirement of only 3.6mA, it will replace a large number of DIP8 compatible PDOs of type NE5534 mono and derivatives OPA134, OP604 or OPA627.

As a comparison, the output current of an AOP NE5532 or OPA2604 is less than 50mA, where the output of the OPA1611 can deliver up to 200mA. This feature allows it to be integrated into many systems, while benefiting from a lower output impedance, high bass and good dynamics.


DIP-8 to TO-99-8 Adapter

Converts an 8 pin DIP through-hole IC Ifs10r to a TO-99 footprint
Pin-to-pin correspondence
0.400 in. X 0.400 in. X 0.048 in. board dimensions
0.291 in. total height (including contact pins)
TO-99 pins on 0.200 in. diameter circular pattern
DIP through-holes on 0.100 in. (2.54mm) pitch by 0.300 in. row spacing

The 020601A is an 8 pin DIP to TO-99 adapter. Because integrated circuits are more commonly available in the 8 pin DIP package, sourcing components for applications that require a TO-99-type device is much easier when paired with the 020601A.

Overview ifs10r
Overview ifs10r

As a pin-to-pin adapter, an 8 pin DIP component installed on the 020601A will be functionally equivalent to a TO-99 device. In many design and repair situations when a component with a TO-99 footprint is required, the 020601A is the perfect answer.

The Ifs10r is made with contemporary PCB design techniques, software, and manufacturing. With electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) surface finish for conductivity and flat surface planarity, and 0.012 in. minimum trace widths, there will be no detectable difference between an 8 pin DIP device (0.100 in. pitch, 0.300 in. row spacing) mounted to the 020601A and an equivalent TO-99 device.

We provide you the option of buying the 020601A adapter either with or without pins installed, or with an 8 pin DIP socket installed. If you need an IC mounted to this adapter, contact us for a quote. We can source manufacturer-authorized components for your requirements, or install your customer-supplied parts to this adapter.

Filter adapter review

The Canon EF-EOS R Filter adapter lets you mount EF DSLR lenses onto an EOS R mirrorless camera, while also using the spare space inside the adapter to accommodate drop-in filters. It’s sold in two versions, one with a circular polarizer and the other with a variable neutral density filter; both filters are also sold separately in case you buy the adapter with one and would like to have the other one as well.

It’s a neat solution, although one that carries a hefty price premium over the basic adapter or indeed a selection of traditional screw-in filters. But when you locate the filter inside the adapter behind the lens, it’ll work with any lens you attach, saving you from buying and carrying multiple filters or step-down rings, and more importantly, it’ll also work with exotic ultra-wide lenses that lack filter mounts at all.

View entire ifs10r
View entire ifs10r

It’s cheaper for example than the massive third-party filter kits for models like the EF 11-24mm f4L, and will also work with fisheyes that typically don’t support front-mounted filters at all.

A word of warning though. You can’t use it as a normal adapter by just removing the supplied filter. First there’ll be a window leaking light, but even if you cover it, the filter has an impact on the optical path and removing it will prevent some lenses from focusing to infinity.

The solution is to replace the polariser or ND filter with the optional Drop-in Clear Filter accessory which resolves the light leaks and fixes the optical path, but actually costs more than a plain adapter. And unlike some drop-in filters, there’s no easy way to make your own with gels. Oh and any of you with Canon super-telephotos? You can’t use those drop-in filters here either.

I’ve filmed a review about the EF-EOS R Filter adapter below which describes the pros and cons, shows the differences between the different adapters available and demonstrates what’s possible with the polarizing filter model.


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