iqos 3 disassembly

Iqos 3 Disassembly Tool Removal Repair Kit

Details Iqos 3 Disassembly

Exquisite workmanship, Iqos 3 Disassembly anti-corrosion and wear resistance.
Perfect repair kit features high efficiency, stable working performance.
Quick and easy installation with ergonomic design.

Components iqos 3 disassembly
Components iqos 3 disassembly

Suitable for IQOS 2/ 3 E-cigarette.
Disassembly Tool only, other accessories demo in the picture are not included!

Pull up the cap of IQOS heat rod, take down the plastic ring of heat rod with ceramic tweezers.
Insert the tweezers head into the gap of button. Gently prise the ring open step by step.

Remove the plastic ring from the heat rod. Insert the heat rod into the main portion.
The effect picture after inserting the heat rod. Install the positioning cylinder into the hot chamber of the heat rob. Insert the U-shape pin into two holes in the positioning cylinder.

Turn the other end of the main portion clockwise until the heat rod is pushed out.
Unscrew the main portion, pull heat rod out, separate heat rod and the shell, and the disassembling is finished.

How to properly clean IQOS 3, correct even if it is not charging or flashing red

Iqos 3 Disassembly cleaning is very important for perfect enjoyment of HEETS. However, you may not know that by correct cleaning, you can also eliminate the charging error, which the IQOS 3 DUO signals by flashing the red indicator light or by a quick flash on the holder.

IQOS 3 has very little space between the top cover (cap) and the lower part, so you will know the need for cleaning very soon so that the top cover does not close comfortably and does not “click” properly when closed. Do not delay cleaning at such a time, as the inside of the cover may overheat and burn out.

You can find the basic procedure of cleaning IQOS in two of our older articles, you should clean about one box of refills, in time you will probably lose your care and you will be enough to clean about 40 – 50 HEETS refills.

Details iqos 3 disassembly
Details iqos 3 disassembly

How to properly clean IQOS 3

We repeat that the most suitable tool for cleaning is the new version of the cleaner, which you will find in the box for IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 DUO, as well as in the innovated version of IQOS 2.4+ Protect Plus.. Unlike the older version, it is equipped with a rubber brush, which with one or two turns inside the heater perfectly removes most dirt.

Also turn twice inside the heater cover from below, where dirt also settles and often prevents a comfortable click on the holder.

You can gently scrape off baked-on dirt from the root of the heating blade with a toothpick, which has a direct effect on the overheating of the cartridge during use. Be very careful and never push the foil from the side, it will break easily.

You can complete Iqos 3 Disassembly the overall cleaning with alcohol sticks. You found the first package in the sales package, you can buy the next one in better newsagents or in IQOS stores and in the e-shop. You can also replace them with narrow children’s ear sticks soaked in pure alcohol or vodka.

iqos 3 disassembly cheapest
iqos 3 disassembly cheapest

When cleaning with sticks, don’t worry so much about the heating blade, it will soon get dirty again, freely surround the inside of the heater with the rod, you can also from the outside, don’t forget the cap from below and especially inside, where you insert HEETS cartridges.

This completes the routine cleaning. But you may not be satisfied with the reliability of the heater charging, sometimes it will not start charging or flashing red, then read on.

If it often happens that the holder does not charge, or the charger flashes quickly or lights up red after inserting the holder, it is not necessary to complain about the device immediately, maybe proper cleaning will help you.

It happens that the holder does not fit into the charger badly and does not charge, then it is enough to turn it slightly. However, if this happens more often, it is advisable to clean the magnetic contact at the bottom of the holder and inside the charger. Iqos 3 Disassembly the holder is easy, with an alcohol sticks carefully clean the gold contact, especially inside the connector, where human sweat settles from the palm during smoking.

Overview iqos 3 disassembly
Overview iqos 3 disassembly

But that may not be enough, the same problem is inside the charger. Remove the side door cover and you will find a square hole to access the contacts. Knock out the charger from the sunken tobacco and carefully clean the bottom of the charger with a hole in the alcohol stick. Pay particular attention to the tip that fits into the holder. The surrounding contacts must be perfectly clean – gold.

Nothing helped and IQOS still flashing and not recharging? Contact the Customer Care Center, where they will advise you on the IQOS complaint.

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