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just5 m503 best
just5 m503 best

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Just5 Blaster 2 budget smartphone review

Latvian brand just5 m503 is new to PC Advisor, but its Blaster 2 smartphone is pitched to directly compete with two of the best budget smartphones sold in the UK, the Vodafone Smart Prime 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. We review the Just5 Blaster 2.

Latvian brand Just5 is new to PC Advisor, but its Blaster 2 smartphone is pitched to directly compete with two of the best budget smartphones sold in the UK, the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. We review the Just5 Blaster 2.

The Blaster 2 comes from Just5, a Latvian brand that sells smartphones direct from its website. Prices are in Euros, and there’s a 12 Euro (around £8.50) shipping charge to the UK, but you’ll still find excellent value in its products.

The Blaster 2 costs 149 Euro (around £105), putting it in direct competition with the £109 Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and £125 Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 in the UK – especially given its dual-SIM 4G LTE capability.

just5 m503 promotion
just5 m503 promotion

As with other phones at this price point, the Blaster 2 is a plastic phone – but, despite its low price, it’s not at all bad-looking. We particularly like the interchangeable rear covers, and you’ll find black, white and yellow supplied in the box. Not only is the rear cover removable, but the generous 2700mAh battery is also. And below you’ll find twin Micro-SIM slots and room for a microSD card.

The Blaster 2 just5 m503 is a little creaky when pressure is applied in the hand, and fingerprints are an issue, but it doesn’t feel overly vulnerable to damage.

The layout is standard for an Android phone, with a power switch and volume rocker on the right edge, a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and Micro-USB at the bottom. The speaker is sadly rear-facing, while the home, back and recent buttons lie under the screen. These are visible at all times, but glow blue in use or while the phone is charging.

As is often a telltale sign for budget smartphones, the Blaster 2 is quite chunky at 9.5mm, and heavy for a smartphone at 185g. But it feels comfortable in the hand, and we appreciate the way the rear camera lies flush with the case.

Just5 has fitted a 5in HD (1280×720) IPS panel with a pixel density of 294ppi. This is both larger and sharper than the 4.5in, 207ppi screen on the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, although Vodafone has for not a lot more money been able to fit a larger- and higher-resolution still 5.5in full-HD panel with a 401ppi pixel density

Overview just5 m503
Overview just5 m503

The screen has several plus points. It’s a useful size for consuming media or playing games, it has great viewing angles and it’s sufficiently clear. The colours aren’t bad either, although the screen is very dull even at maximum brightness.

The Blaster 2 is right up there with its Samsung and Vodafone rivals in terms of performance. Just5 has fitted it with a Smart Ultra 6-matching 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage (the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime has 1GB and 8GB respectively), and all three phones accept storage expansion via microSD.

However, each of these three budget smartphones use a different processor, which in our benchmarks left the Blaster 2 sitting in the middle of the pack (albeit with very little difference between the trio).

In Geekbench 3, which we use to measure overall performance, the 1.5GHz MediaTek MTK6732 quad-core chip inside the Blaster 2 powered it to a 2183-point score in the multi-core component, and 736 single-core. The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, which uses a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core chip, here managed 1429- and 472 points respectively. And the Snapdragon 615 octa-core chip-wielding Smart Ultra 6 managed a score of 2469 points multi-core.

just5 m503 discount
just5 m503 discount

To measure graphics potential we use GFXBench’s T-Rex and Manhattan onscreen tests. The three were once again on par, with the Blaster 2 recording 14- and 8fps respectively, the Core Prime 15- and 8fps, and the Smart Ultra 6 14- and 6fps.

In SunSpider, used to measure web-browsing performance, the Just5 budget phone led the way with 1202ms. In this test a lower score is better, meaning the Blaster 2 put the Samsung’s 1400ms and Vodafone’s 1545ms in the shade. You can compare the Just5 Blaster 2’s performance to other Android phones we’ve tested in our article

Benchmarks are of course only part of the story, but we didn’t find the Blaster 2 to be laggy in use. That’s almost certainly due to the complete lack of bloatware stored on this device, which puts it an instant advantage over the Samsung and Vodafone alternatives.

The battery inside is a 2700mAh model and, like that of the Galaxy Core Prime, it’s removable. It’s a little lower in capacity than the Smart Ultra 6’s 3000mAh battery, but significantly higher than the Samsung’s 2000mAh. With nothing here that is likely to drain the battery, getting through a full working day should be easy.

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