konica minolta chip resetter

Konica minolta chip resetter C224 C284 C364 C454 C554 Toner

Konica minolta chip resetter

Konica minolta chip resetter 10Set/Lot Drum Reset Chips DR-512 For Konica Minolta Bizhub C224 C284 C364 C454 C554 Toner Chip Resetter

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konica minolta chip resetter deal
konica minolta chip resetter deal

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Taking a Look at the Epson Chip Resetter

Most printer brands, like Epson, are designed to hold a “chip” in their printers that forces consumers to buy Epson branded cartridges as these are recognized by the printer. What this means is that third-party Epson compatibles, refilled Epson ink cartridges and remanufactured Epson ink cartridges, might still continue to show a frustrating “low on ink” warning because the printer does not recognize them.

Epson printers are known for their excellent quality, vibrant and crisp printing and a lot of this has got to do with their great ink and high quality ink cartridges. Especially, if you’re printing photos or high-resolution graphics for brochures, flyers and marketing material, you can count on an Epson printer and cartridge to do the job.

However there are many reliable suppliers in the market today that offer Epson ink cartridges that meet or even exceed OEM, or branded quality. For major printer manufacturers like Epson, this is not good news. You see, printer manufacturers don’t make most of their money selling printers, they make their money selling ink and toner for those printers.

konica minolta chip resetter new
konica minolta chip resetter new

With Konica minolta chip resetter compatible and remanufactured ink in the market, major brands like Epson realized they needed to take some measures to curb the use of other third-party branded ink and toner. Hence the elusive introduction of the “smart chip,” to let you know that you’re running low on ink, but also to stop you from buying anything but Epson ink.

The chip resetter came about to wrestle this small but intelligent chip. The chip resetter essentially works by telling the smart chip that the cartridge has been replaced and that it does not need to relay low ink warnings anymore. Chip resetters are great because they work for compatible, remanufactured and refilled cartridges, so that your Epson printer recognizes them as full.

konica minolta chip resetter quality
konica minolta chip resetter quality

You might also want to use a chip resetter if you feel that you still have ink in your cartridge but still get a “low on ink” warning. Using a resetter gets rid of the warning and helps you to continue to print.

Depending on your printer brand and model, there are several chip resetters available in the market.

The Epson Universal 7-pin Resetter will reset all 7-pin Epson cartridge chips to read as FULL. The cartridges can then be refilled, and used just like a new cartridge. Or, come in for a refill at one of our stores and have one of our certified technicians refill and reset your Epson cartridge for you!

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