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Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Workstation Review

Lenovo has offered notebooks for professional users in the ThinkPad W-series since 2008, and we reviewed the last 17-inch model ThinkPad W701 back in 2010. The manufacturer changed its product lineup for 2016 a bit and will now offer its mobile workstations in the new ThinkPad P-series.

Besides the two 15-inch models ThinkPad P50 and ThinkPad P50s (successors to the W541 and W550s, respectively) as well as the smaller Yoga P40, you can also get the 17-inch model ThinkPad P70. While the Yoga P40 and the ThinkPad P50s are more focused on mobility, both the P50 and the P70 are focused on performance.

This claim Lenovo p70 tpu silicone is supported by the specs of our review configuration, although they do not even represent the most powerful version. Our test model for around 3,400 Euros (~$3671) is a more mainstream configuration with a Core i7-6820HQ processor (Skylake 45 Watts), Nvidia’s Quadro M3000M graphics cards, 16 GB DDR4-RAM as well as a 512 GB M.2 SSD (SATA). Particularly interesting is the 4K display, which does not support touch inputs, but it has a matte surface and can be calibrated with the integrated color calibrator.

Flower lenovo p70 tpu silicone
Flower lenovo p70 tpu silicone

The smallest configuration of the ThinkPad P70 starts at around 2,100 Euros (~$2267), while you will have to pay almost 6,500 Euros (~$7018) for the biggest model with the maximum RAM equipment (64 GB DDR4-ECC). Besides many pre-configured models, which are available in many online shops, you can also configure the ThinkPad P70 in Lenovo’s web shop.

The manufacturer is very flexible, because it is no problem to equip the base configuration with the most powerful processor, a better display or a more powerful graphics card, for example. It is therefore possible to customize the device based on your personal preferences. Lenovo also offers special education models, where students or eligible scientific employees can get a big discount; the education model of our review unit, for example, is 400 Euros (~$431) less expensive.

The biggest rivals for the 17-inch workstation are traditionally provided by Dell (Precision 7710, review will be available soon) and HP (ZBook 17 G2), even though the latter is still based on the Haswell architecture.

The successor ZBook 17 G3 was already announced and should be available in January 2016. Besides those dedicated workstations, some manufacturers also offer devices with professional components (often the GPU), which are based on normal consumer devices and therefore lack some business features. Examples from this category are the MSI WT72 or the Bullman E-Klasse Xeon 17.

lenovo p70 tpu silicone best
lenovo p70 tpu silicone best

You can immediately see that Lenovo takes the mobile workstation very seriously. The chassis is 3.5 centimeters high and tips the scale at 3.6 kg, so it’s certainly not an Ultrabook, even though it fares pretty well compared to other 17-inch devices. Long-term ThinkPad users will also notice that Lenovo switched back to black cases and also included a status LED for the hard drive.

As usual, you get plastic surfaces, while the underlying construction is made of an aluminum/magnesium alloy. We did not manage to dent the palm rest and the area above the smart-card reader, which is usually a bit of an issue, is also very sturdy. This impression continues for the keyboard, which only flexes a bit in the area around the TrackPoint, but it is no issue in practice. The “weakest” area of the base is the center area under the display, where the chassis can be pushed in under force. Still, it is not as bad compared to some older ThinkPads.

The black Lenovo p70 tpu silicone lid is rubberized and is nice to touch but also pretty susceptible to dirt and dust. The lid is also comparatively thin, which is why the stability cannot keep up with the base. It was too easy to twist in our opinion, but there was no creaking.

lenovo p70 tpu silicone pretty
lenovo p70 tpu silicone pretty

Pressure from behind is not a big problem, either, and it does not result in picture distortions. The two metal hinges are taut and keep the display well in position. They just have problems with the big display at extreme opening angles (more than 180 degrees possible) and could therefore be even firmer. The battery is located in the front area of the base, so you can open the lid with just one hand.

The battery at the bottom is secured by a lever mechanism and can easily be removed. There is also a large maintenance hatch that is just secured by a couple of screws. The notebook was tested according to the military standard MIL-STD 810G and is equipped with a spillwater-resistant keyboard. All in all, the device can convince us with its flawless build quality. You immediately get the impression you are using a robust and durable device.

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