liposuction tools and equipment

Liposuction tools and equipment transfer gun fat injection

Liposuction tools and equipment

Liposuction tools and equipment Suitable: 1mm 2mm 5mm 10mm 20mm
Liposuction Power Injector fat transfer gun allows the surgeon to re-inject soft tissue through large or small diameter injectors with very little effort and maximum control.

liposuction tools and equipment new
liposuction tools and equipment new

Fat transfer gun is available for different sized syringes.
Packing: 1pcs gun


Eurosurgical Ltd supplies a wide range of equipment associated with liposuction procedures, including single-use and reusable cannula; Power Assisted Liposuction (Vibrasat) & cannula and tubing for Tumescent fluid infiltration. We also supply cannula and devices for fat harvesting, lipo-modeling and fat grafting. Capital equipment, such as high-flow aspiration pumps and peristaltic infiltration / irrigation pumps, cannula and other accessories.

Non-collapsible high-flow aspiration tubing. Aspiration canister suction liners (bags) in 1, 2 and 3 liter’s sizes, with or without solidifier. Canister bottles, lids and bacterial filters, overflow bottles, specimen collection traps, clamps and connection tubing and ports.

The CA.MI Hospivac 400 high-flow aspiration pump is an electrical driven, stand alone, fast and effective aspiration pump Liposuction tools and equipment specifically designed to remove fluid and lipids from the body. Available with 2 re-usable suction canisters with an external change over system. Canisters are available in 1, 2 or 3 litre size bottles with the appropriately sized single-use suction liners.

The FlowVac suction liners are fixed with a strong lid that also contains a bacterial, which helps prevents spread of bacterial and fluid contamination to the CA.MI Hospivac pump and environment. The addition of two small overflow bottles protects the pump from accidental fluid over-flow contamination. Warrantied for 2 years, the CA.MI Hospivac 400 is an effective and efficient, affordable high-flow aspiration pump for many surgical procedures.

Also available are smaller electrical aspiration pumps for office practice, with 1 litre canister and suction liners. A full range of these electrical or battery driven aspiration pumps for use in anesthetic, small office practice and other surgical settings can be supplied on request.

Eurosurgical supply a wide range of manual liposuction cannula with handles, either as sterile, single-use or reusable. A wide range of cannula tip styles, including Mercedes, Spatula, Spiral, Tonnard and many others are available. Cannula lengths from 130mm to 500mm and widths from 2mm to 6mm available. . Download the full 2020 Lipo-Modeling catalogue (see below) for all our options of Liposuction cannula, infiltration cannula, suction tubing, irrigation tubing and other liposuction accessories.

liposuction tools and equipment quality
liposuction tools and equipment quality


The Möller Medical complete Liposat Workstation has been designed specifically for surgeons interested in Liposuction and high volume fat grafting – as featured in Body Contouring surgery, including BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) or EVL (Expansion Vibration Lipofilling). This is the only CE Marked Liposuction complete system available.

Consisting Liposuction tools and equipment of the Vacusat high-flow aspiration pump, Liposat Pro Plus fluid AND Fat tumescent irrigation pump. Available with the option of heated IV bag plates warmers which maintain fluid or fat at the correct temperatures. An LED display allows for fluid recorder and pre-set fluid settings and the excellent Vibrasat Pro reciprocating Liposuction console and hand piece.

Black and Black Surgical produce the excellent range of Vitruvian Manual Liposuction cannula, a wide range of liposuction cannula tips, widths and lengths. All cannula have the option of being fitted to a Vitruvian Liposuction handle, Toomey syringe hub or luer lock connection. The range also includes the Vitruvian Tumescent irrigation pump, Coleman fat grafting cannula and equipment, including Toomey Syringes and the “V” Dissection fat grafting cannula. The full catalogue can be downloaded below.

liposuction tools and equipment view
liposuction tools and equipment view

A full range of single-use, polished steel, liposuction cannula, that are double wrapped, sterile with CE Mark are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. The cannula come with a handle that can be easily fitted to ALL liposuction tubing, including ST20300

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