Mac allister pressure washer snow foam

Mac allister pressure washer snow foam best

Feature mac allister pressure washer snow foam

Mac allister pressure washer snow foam plastic Foam Lance specifically designed to incorporate all the features of the Brass body version, which creates a super dense foam by mixing soap and high-pressure water from your pressure washer. With our own Invention patent design, it can throw an unbelievably thick and dense foam onto your car, motorcycle, floor, sidewalk, roof or other washable items

Details Mac allister pressure washer snow foam
Details Mac allister pressure washer snow foam

Powerful Foam Lance, sprays soap foam up to 6m/ 20ft;

Plastic body for light duty, anti-corrosion and durable; Precisely manufactured metal injector ensure plentiful and dense foam with less soap mixture ratio.

Upgraded large and evenly wired stainless-steel strainer for more dense and thick foam.

The Mac allister pressure washer snow foam Lance comes with brass nozzle 1.1mm, perfectly works with 60~130bar (900~1850psi) pressure washers. The extra 1.25mm nozzle in box is normally for pressure washer above 130bar (1850psi). If you have a very powerful pressure washer, please disassemble 1.10mm nozzle from the Foam Lance with flat screwdriver, and assemble the 1.25mm to your Foam Lance.

1 Liter (33 oz) capacity of bottle with measuring mark is translucent and you can see the rest of the car wash shampoo. It is made of HDPE material for chemical-resistant.

Use less soap, more environmentally and efficiently! To generate dense foam, using just 1: 5 mixing ratio of car wash shampoo and water in the bottle

With filter on the end of suction hose, filter particles in the soap or water, never scratch car paint. FOAM MASTER pay attention to every details to provide best care for your car.

Mac allister pressure washer snow foam deal best
Mac allister pressure washer snow foam deal best

Best Snow Foam 2020

Best Snow Foam 2020: Snow foams are prewash products which are applied directly to the car via a snow foam lance. When allowed to dwell on the car, the foam will break down larger dirt particles on the paintwork. It will also encapsulate these particles making it easier for dirt to be rinsed off the car.

Through removing as much as dirt as possible before contact washing the car with a wash mitt and shampoo you are massively reducing the risk of damaging the paint. Personally I would never contact wash my car without some form of pre-wash process, like snow foaming or an alternative.

Autobrite offers a few snow foams in its product range, but Magifoam is advertised as their “ultimate” foam and has been one of their flagship products for over a decade.

Mac allister pressure washer snow foam offers the best all-round snow foam capabilities. It delivers an exceptional level of cling and can be tuned to be applied thick or thin depending on personal preference. Cleaning ability is strong and is also LSP safe so it won’t remove any existing wax or sealant protection.

Size Mac allister pressure washer snow foam
Size Mac allister pressure washer snow foam

Autobrite state that “when you get the correct Magifoam consistency, the foam will dwell on the car for up to and over 30 minutes”. Whilst Magifoam may be capable of clinging to the car for up to 30 minutes, do not feel obliged to see the whole 30 minutes through. From experience, the optimum dwelling time for snow foam is 5 – 15 minutes (depending on the product).

Either way, Magifoam has no issues clinging to the paintwork.

In terms of cleaning ability, Magifoam evidently contains powerful detergents capable of removing a high-level of dirt. After leaving the product to dwell for 15 minutes, I was very impressed with how much dirt was removed. It also made light work of some stubborn bug splats on the front of the car – something which some snow foams can struggle with.

The key with Autobrite Magifoam is finding a ratio that works for you. Autobrite advises using 1 – 2 inches of product in their snow foam lance. This is quite a broad measurement so take some time to work out what ratio works for you. Whilst a thick blanket looks impressive, Magifoam penetrates dirt better when applied more thinly.

Magifoam is a consistently effective snow foam that will likely become your “go-to” snow foam once you’ve dialled in your preferred ratio. Whilst its not the cheapest snow foam, it still offers great value for money and is highly recommended!

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is a great example of why you shouldn’t judge a snow foam purely based on its foaming ability. Auto Foam is a game-changer when it comes to cleaning, as it offers more cleaning power than any other snow foam I’ve tried. All for a very moderate price tag.

Overview Mac allister pressure washer snow foam
Overview Mac allister pressure washer snow foam

The non-caustic formulation works effectively at removing tough dirt & grime. Auto Foam’s cleaning ability is what sets it apart from the crowd, as it’s able to remove dirt that other snow foams where other snow foams would struggle.

When testing Bilt Hamber Auto Foam, it was clear that it was not capable of producing a thick foam which might deter a lot of people. However, I would not discredit Auto Foam for this, because its ability to clean is far more important than its ability to produce a thick foam.

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is second to none when it comes to cleaning ability. It may not be the most luxurious or foaming product on the markets, but from a functional perspective, it’s one of the best snow foams on the market.

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