machine star pad

Machine star pad spot welder washer metal

Machine star pad

It is the Machine star pad consumables for spot welding of sheet metal shrink repair, dent pulling application.
​It is used widely for garage car body repair, and similar workshops.

machine star pad new
machine star pad new

Long: 41mm (1.6”).
Hole Diameter: 10mm (0.4”).
Thickness: 2mm (0.079″).
Material: Steel, Copper plated.

Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is the process of leveling a card beyond level 99. This will unlock more weighted stats along with the potential to receive Super Awakenings. These additional awakenings can add significant power, but only function in solo mode.

Any card that can qualify for Limit Breaking will have their level displayed in blue and feeding a Super Snow Globe will push them beyond the level 99 cap.

The PAD Academy makes a return to North America and comes with delightful school uniforms and glasses for some of your favourite characters.

As a whole, this Machine star pad event is top-heavy with many outdated cards across all rarities. Furthermore, it will be hard to find much value out of the 5 and 6-star cards which further lowers the motivation to roll.

machine star pad quality
machine star pad quality

With this in mind, PAD Academy is best approached by doing the free roll and then saving for a stronger event as most rolls will end in sadness from a usability point of view. Of course, if you have a thing for school outfits and glasses, this is the best time to make all your dreams become a reality.

This article will outline the pros and cons for each card within the PAD Academy event to give players a better understanding of what each monster can do.

The Monster Exchange System has mostly eliminated the need to roll in most events as players can simply trade in for a card of their choice. This is often done during lackluster events to avoid spending Stones on poor bottom rarity cards or to snipe a specific card if luck is not on your side.

Weapon Assists are a special evolution for select cards that will be used exclusively as inherits. This form retains the same base stats as the original form, but will also transfer over all awakenings on the Weapon Assist card and this occurs if the Awoken Assist is present.

Rolling any Rare Egg Machine is a gamble and it becomes a matter of maximizing your rate of returns in an event.

This Machine star pad translates into rolling when the bottom rarity has high value as those will be the most common cards. Furthermore, I may utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire the higher rarity cards if they will significantly advance my progress. As such, I tend to look most closely at the bottom rarity pool to determine if it is worth rolling in.

machine star pad view
machine star pad view

This is just my own personal approach and everyone has different goals/motivations so take this section with a grain of salt.

Academy Valeria is the only 9-star card within the PAD Academy event and puts an exciting twist on Varleria’s kit. Valeria has always been prized for her high Skill Boost Skill Boost count and that holds true for her Academy version as she can bring 5-6.

I say 5-6 because players may desire a different Super Awakening such as VDP in order to take advantage of her strong personal damage as she naturally comes with three 7 Combos 45. As such, electing to use VDP Super Awakening means Valeria can function as both as Skill Boost and damage solution as her output will no longer be Voided.

The ability to deal meaningful damage is often absent from high Skill Boost cards which means Academy Valeria may also ease team building restrictions. Sadly, you cannot easily switch between previously unlocked Super Awakenings and gambling with 5 different options means you will not be swapping at your leisure.

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