merol coffee machine calibration

Merol coffee machine calibration tamper violet

Merol coffee machine calibration

Merol coffee machine calibration tamping the coffee is not a difficult task if you have the right espresso tamper. Moreover, people do not realize the importance of having a perfect coffee tamper can change the whole coffee experience.

merol coffee machine calibration new
merol coffee machine calibration new

To be precise, tamping is the term related to the espresso brewing process only. None of the other coffee brewing methods needs tamping.

Best Espresso Tampers of 2020

Tamper is the tool used as an accessory with the espresso machines. Basically, the coffee grounds in the portafilter are supposed to be tamped (i.e. compressed) to be able to brew the grounds perfectly. Tamping hence has much importance in brewing the espresso shot. In fact, espresso machine tamper is a thing which is an automatic tamper equipped in the coffee machine.

Tamping is the term relating to the espresso coffee brewing, more or less most us know tamper is used for tamping. Because when the portafilter is filled with the coffee grounds and distributed evenly, yet need for tamping the grounds persists. For that reason, we use the espresso tamper which has the smooth head nearly coinciding with the portafilter.

Merol coffee machine calibration works as the solid body which compresses the loose coffee grounds in the portafilter evenly. After compressing the coffee grounds, the coffee element in the portafilter takes the shape similar to a puck. In fact, the tamped coffee is popularly called as coffee-puck.

merol coffee machine calibration size
merol coffee machine calibration size

Not to mention, compressing in our case means minimizing the air voids in the coffee grounds without essentially leaving uneven cracks or opening.

Tamping the coffee doesn’t get any better than using the perfect tamping tool out of the various types. That said on a lighter note, espresso tampers will have similar use despite you go for different types. Because tamping the coffee is perfection which anyone can attain after practicing a few times.

The espresso tampers are differentiated for two different parameters namely the Regular or Calibrated(automatic espresso tamper), whereas, the second parameter is the profile of the tamping face – Flat or Convex.

Here, you will find the best coffee tamper which we have reviewed considering many parameters right from the cost to the making.

Not to mention, the calibrated mechanism of the tamping tool restrains you from applying the pressure beyond 30 pounds. You can wait for the click to stop applying further force to tamp the coffee grounds.

merol coffee machine calibration view
merol coffee machine calibration view

This Merol coffee machine calibration tool has a clicking mechanism which will produce a clicking sound once you’ve reached the to the limit tamping the grounds. Apart from that, this tool is made of the flat bottom available in six different sizes.

The best part about this espresso tamper is its shining body and the firm handle made of rugged quality. As the matter of fact, this tool with its premium touch weighing 1 pound feels perfect tamping the grounds like a barista tamper.

Coming to the second best espresso tamper on of our review, the solid tamping tool which instills the confidence in you while tamping. The body of the tamper does not require any mention about its quality. Because of its compact stainless steel body weighing 1.4 pounds.

On the other hand, the profile of the bottom face of the espresso tamper is of convex shape. The minor curve bulging out of the tamper suits for tamping the grounds. It provides a hint for the water leading it to focus uniformly on the puck majorly to the center.

Additionally, the tool has a solid unibody and bare handle to hold while tamping. It can get slippery if you reside in a warm environment or sweaty palms.

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