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Napa 4003 wix 24003 fuel trap solvent filters

Details Napa 4003 wix 24003

1/2-28 5/8-24 Aluminum Single Core Filter For NAPA 4003 WIX 24003 OD 1.358″ L 6.0″. Fuel Type: Fuel Filter. Material: 7075 Aluminum. Thread: 1/2-28 / 5/8-24. Overall Length: 6″. Outer Diameter: 1.358″

Size Napa 4003 wix 24003
Size Napa 4003 wix 24003

Tube made from 7075 aluminum. End Cap made from 7075 aluminum. Aircraft Grade Aluminum with 1/2-28 or 5/8-24.
0.405″ Diameter holes of the internal baffles. For NAPA 4003 WIX 24003 Fuel Trap Solvent Filters

Fuel Filter Review

Your Napa 4003 wix 24003 vehicle’s engine relies on a stream of fuel getting pumped from the tank to the carb or injectors to keep it running. If there’s a problem with that flow, anywhere in the system, bad things start to happen quickly. Low flow can damage your fuel pump, particles can clog your injectors making the car run poorly, it can even cause your engine to run lean and end up with permanent damage.

That’s why keeping your fuel system clean is essential to the health of your vehicle. An unclogged system can mean more power, better fuel economy, and better engine longevity. Plus it’ll drive better in every situation. It’s why changing your fuel filter is more important than ever before. Especially with high-pressure direct injection, where even the smallest bits of debris can clog an injector or pump and cost you thousands. So here are some of the best fuel filters for all types of engines, to quench that thirst for gasoline (or diesel).

When it Napa 4003 wix 24003 comes to how your vehicle works, the people who know it best are the engineers who designed it. That’s why, when it comes to filters, a brand like ACDelco (which is the in-house parts company for General Motors) is a top choice. This is the filter your GM dealer uses, and the one that GM trusts to make sure your vehicle stays running through your warranty and beyond.

Napa 4003 wix 24003
Napa 4003 wix 24003

Designed to be an OEM replacement part, you should expect proper fit, form, and function from this recommendation. It’ll protect your vehicle’s fuel system from contaminants such as dirt, rust, and paint particles by trapping them before they enter the fuel delivery system. The result is improved and safe engine performance.

Another original equipment brand, this time from Ford. Motorcraft filters are tested beyond what most aftermarket offerings would ever think of. This inline filter can capture 98 percent of particles 8 microns or larger, keeping your injectors and high-pressure pump clean. That extra-fine filtration should make your fuel even cleaner than the air you’re breathing. The filters are ethanol fuel safe and are made with stainless steel casings for corrosion resistance under your hood.

The thorough testing process includes tests under extreme temperatures (-40ºF to 250ºF), leak resistance under extreme pressure, corrosion resistance, flow restriction resistance, and more. As a result, this fuel filter meets strict Ford original equipment quality, performance, and durability standards including key life testing to the equivalent of 10 years or 150,000 miles for passengers cars and light trucks.

Napa 4003 wix 24003 promotion
Napa 4003 wix 24003 promotion

Over time, your factory fuel lines can become corroded, and your replacement lines may not quite match the original equipment ones. Or maybe you’ve installed a new engine and need some filtration that was never there in the first place. This universal filter lets you install it nearly anywhere thanks to the inclusion of three common AN-fitting sizes. The filter has a 100-micron element, and it’s cleanable to let you reuse it over and over again. Protect your engine with this universal fuel filter.

The body on this replacement fuel filter is machined from lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum before receiving a black anodized finish. It includes 6 AN, 8 AN, and 10 AN fitting adapters, along with o-rings for proper sealing in high pressure applications.

Mahle filters are used by many European auto manufacturers, including BMW. They’re designed to meet the high standards set by German carmakers, able to hold plenty of debris while maintaining enough fuel pressure to keep your car running strongly. Fuel pressure regulation and recirculation work together to supply the right amount of fuel for your vehicle, even BMW’s V12s.

Details Napa 4003 wix 24003
Details Napa 4003 wix 24003

This recommendation features a superior embossed and pleated filter media designed for high dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop. It’ll do a proper job at protecting your fuel system from dirt particles and corrosion damage.

If you’re having trouble diagnosing fuel issues, or if you have a non-factory engine that you need to be able to keep a close eye on, this glass fuel filter could be just the ticket. Thanks to the see-through design, you can actually watch as the fuel flows through. So if there’s no pressure, or poor flow, you’ll spot it right away. Same goes for fuel contamination like water.

Designed to protect your engine from possible damage, this fuel filter features high-quality construction for a prolonged service life. This company is well known for providing aftermarket parts to the auto industry, ranging from replacement parts to fasteners, and has a team of engineers and quality control specialists in the U.S.

K&N is best known for its reusable air filters, but the company makes fuel filters as well. No, this one’s not reusable, but it does offer many of the same benefits. Like high-performance filtration and a large capacity that lets it flow plenty of gasoline. There’s a rolled seam that exceeds OEM fuel pressure requirements and a corrosion-resistant carbon steel filter housing.

The high performance cellulose glass filter media provides excellent protection for your fuel system by trapping contaminants and foreign materials. It’s designed to fit directly into the stock location for an easy installation. K&N also includes replacement gaskets and clips were applicable.

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