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Nespresso compatible coffee capsules compatible with dolce gusto

Nespresso compatible coffee capsules

This is my review of Real Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, after going through their ten different Nespresso compatible capsules. I’m not an affiliate of Real Coffee, I have no relationship with the company, it’s purely an honest user review after drinking my way through their range of capsules.

nespresso compatible coffee capsules best
nespresso compatible coffee capsules best

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t have a Nespresso machine. I had consumed quite a few coffees via Nespresso, but I didn’t have one at home, the main reason simply being that I don’t want to drink commodity coffee.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules Review – Real Coffee.

Nestle’ are one of the very biggest commodity coffee companies on the planet. They’re at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of the kind of coffee I would usually drink, small batch roasted speciality / artisan coffee.

The other reason Nespresso wouldn’t have been my first choice of coffee maker is cost, as I know that Nespresso are among the most expensive single serve coffee capsules. If I was going for convenience and cost over quality, then I would probably go for Tassimo, Dolce Gusto or Douwe Egberts senseo, as their capsules are cheaper than Nespresso.

I started to consider getting a Nespresso machine though, once I began to realise that there are several suppliers now providing Nespresso compatible capsules, meaning that I’m not tied to Nespresso. The expanding availability of compatible pods provides the consumer with a wide range of options, from competitively priced capsules, to speciality compatible Nespresso pods.

nespresso compatible coffee capsules mode
nespresso compatible coffee capsules mode

One of the first suppliers of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules I came across was a Scandinavian firm called Real Coffee. One of the most successful brands of compatible capsules in Scandinavia, they opened a UK operation about a year ago.

Real Coffee offer single origin, fair trade and organic coffee via 100% recyclable non-Aluminium Nespresso compatible capsules. What struck me straight away with Real Coffee is it would appear to be decent coffee they’re offering from what I was reading, but the prices are very, very low, from just 20p per capsule which is almost half the price of Nespresso – and is quite a bit cheaper than all bar one of the pods listed in the “which” best Nespresso capsules taste test (and the cheapest was Aldi, I’ve tried the Aldi capsules and I’m not impressed, they’re very cheap but they taste a bit odd to me, although I’ve not tried the Restretto pods that feature in the which article).

So, as I had a brand new Nespresso machine, I began to work my way through 100 Nespresso compatible capsules – which didn’t actually take me all that long

nespresso compatible coffee capsules
nespresso compatible coffee capsules

I tried all of their current available Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, Ethiopia fair trade single origin espresso, Verona espresso, Napoli fair trade espresso, Bologna fair trade organic espresso, Sumatra Mandheling fair trade single origin organic espresso, Torino decaf espresso, Roma fair trade espresso, San Marino fair trade organic Lungo and single origin fair trade Columbia lungo.

This is a really nice range of different coffees, there’s something here for everyone. When you order your capsules, they offer pick n mix, allowing you to choose from different package sizes and select which capsules you want.

If you’re not sure, I would recommend just going for a mix of all the different coffees, as it gives you the opportunity to taste a wide range of coffees from tasty sweet Ethiopian single origin through to hard hitting Italian espresso blends. It’s also a great thing if you have guests, to be able to ask them what kind of coffee they like and offer them such a wide selection.

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