net rope climbing steel strips quality

Net rope climbing steel strips quality high

Net rope climbing steel strips

Net rope climbing steel strips rope: 6 steel strips inside, high quality rope
Tubes: Galvanized steel inside and outside, dia 114mm, 2,2mm thick, powder coating, anti-rust

net rope climbing steel strips deal
net rope climbing steel strips deal

Connector: aluminium and plastic
Installation: Professional CAD Instruction
Packing: packing cotton+bubble+film

Fly screen with magnet – practical protection against annoying insects

On hot summer nights, Net rope climbing steel strips fresh air, coming from outside is a welcome cool-down. Unfortunately, open windows and doors don’t just bring a cool breeze. Wasps, mosquitoes and other pests also gladly accept the invitation. The result are painful itchy mosquito bites in the early morning. In addition, falling asleep is difficult when, happy buzzing insects make their rounds in the room. Solve the problem with fly screens. These are available in different shapes, see gradations, colors and sizes. But how do you best assemble them?

Fastening the fly screen with a magnet has several advantages over conventional variants. This fastening variant is suitable for doors and windows throughout the house – from the balcony door to the skylight.

Drilling has the disadvantage that the screen becomes difficult to remove, for example at the end of the mosquito season. This is easier with an adhesive tape. But even in this case, it is not recommended to quickly lift the screen, in order to reach through a window to water the flowers or to clear a door frame. Because the more you do this, the more the tape loses its grip.

net rope climbing steel strips new
net rope climbing steel strips new

The situation is different with a fly screen with magnetic tape that is self-adhesive. Here inconvenient dismantling is unnecessary. Even short-term removal of the screen is not a problem. At the same time, as a tenant, you avoid changes to rented living spaces that you will have to undo in the end.

If you want to attach your fly screen with a magnetic tape, you should make sure that the tape can be shortened to different lengths. So it can be flexibly adapted to different windows and doors. Good adhesive properties are key to durability.

The Net rope climbing steel strips use of self-adhesive magnetic tapes are by no means limited to fly screens. They can also be used for the temporary attachment of fabrics and curtains. In addition, magnetic tapes are suitable for signs or photos and are great tools in advertising and fairs construction. Use self-adhesive magnetic tape for your insect repellent fabric and use it to solve a wide range of problems!

net rope climbing steel strips
net rope climbing steel strips

Fly screens for doors with magnets

At the latest, during the mosquito season, fly screens are a valuable protective device in the whole house. Insect screens with magnets can be used in a wide variety of locations, without drilling.

You know it from your own experience: spending a warm summer evening with friends on your terrace, after you have said goodbye to your visitors, you return into the house in a good mood. In the house are hordes of mosquitoes, flies and moths waiting for you. No wonder, after all, an open door is the perfect gateway for insects. Only by wanting to carry something outside briefly or tojust let in a cool breeze of air.

Preventing the problem by using screens for doors. However, doors have special demands on insect protection. After all, they must remain passable, if you do not want to climb through the windows into your home, all summer long. And who wants to dismantle a screen every time he wants to enter his own house? The solution: fly screen curtains with magnetic adhesive tape.

Such curtains (magnetic curtains) consist of two strips of insect screens, which are attached to the door frame, with adhesive tape and held together in the middle by magnetic adhesive tape. You can easily go through the curtain without having to open a door and then reclose it again. That is why their often called; magnetic curtains.

Alternatively, you can get fly screen doors with a rotating frame for different door sizes. These are also equipped with magnets that keep the door closed. However, curtains or magnetic curtains are usually the cheaper and more practical option that you can assemble.

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