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Nicehck ep10 review b40 3.5mm HIFI PK earbud

Feature Nicehck ep10 review

Type: Earbud Nicehck ep10 review. Impedance: 32Ω. Eerphone sensitivity:110.95dB/mW
Frequency range:20-20000Hz. THD: <1%@1KHz
Eerphone plug type: 3.5mm straight plug

Nicehck ep10 review deal price
Nicehck ep10 review deal price

Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm. Color: Black. Whether with Mic: No
Eerphone category: HIFI. Drive unit: Single 14.8mm PET dynamic drive unit

NiceHCK EP10 Review

The NiceHCK EP10 is a comfortable, slightly bassy single dynamic driver (DD) earphone with a surprisingly natural timbre, a clean but recessed midrange, and a smooth treble.

I was asked by Jim NiceHCK Nicehck ep10 review to review this earphone and purchased it for $0.1. It is my goal to give you a concise, thorough, and accurate account of the earphone – and how it fits the big picture. Packaging and cable shape are of limited importance to me and will not get much attention here. In terms of visualization, I aim to focus on the relevant characteristic features of the earphone. Most photos and diagrams can be enlarged by clicking on them.

I prefer a neutral leaning tuning with a tight and dry bass – and not a V-shaped flavour. The higher the price of an earphone, the flatter of a frequency response I expect with the mids moving forward and becoming successively more intimate and natural.

Nicehck ep10 review promotion
Nicehck ep10 review promotion

As always, I tested the EP10 over an ever growing cross section of music that provided a broad coverage of the frequency spectrum, including naturally generated sounds such a voices and classical instruments.

Frequency response curves are now one of my standard staples of information in this price class. As to the graphs displayed here: the measuring coupler was two pieces of plastic tubing on the end of a Dayton iMM-6 microphone. No compensation or smoothing was applied. These measurements should not be directly compared to other measurements except those done on the same device, for example the ones I have posted before.

The good old single DD earphone has experienced a recent revival on the back of the progress in multi-driver hybrids. In contrast to the multis, a DD does not rely on crossovers that control the tuning between the different drivers. The DD technology is established, therefore working, and relatively cheap.

Nicehck ep10 review
Nicehck ep10 review

Single DDs have come a long way since Sennheiser introduced their CX-300B in 2008 as an alterative to the earbuds included with phones and mp3 players. NiceHCK, an ODM seller, have recently introduced their ~$30 EP35 and the ~$10 EZAUDIO D4. Adding the EP10 fills the price gap between them.

The content comes in a plain white box that contains the standard NiceHCK earphone Nicehck ep10 review case will all goodies inside, packaged in a series of small plastic baggies.

The NiceHCK EP10 looks like the love child from a ménage a trois between an Apple earpod, a Sennheiser earbud, and a Rock Zircon. The shells are made of a zinc-aluminium- magnesium-copper alloy called kirsite (or zamac) with a shiny polish; they look and feel valuable – and they are relatively heavy. The non-detachable braided cable has a chin slider and looks suspiciously like the latest designs used by Knowledge Zenith. The cable’s fixed nature also excludes any third-party cable sound improvement discussion.

The above mention ménage unites the best fit of all “trois”: very comfortable. In contrast to the NiceHCK EP35, the EP10’s nozzles are long enough for my Made-in-Germanyears. Isolation is ok for me but mileage may vary with ear-canal shape.

Overview Nicehck ep10 review
Overview Nicehck ep10 review

I ran the NiceHCK EP10 comfortably with my iPhone 5S. The large selection of eartips did not contain a pair big enough for my ear so that I relied on cheap third-party ones [no spinfits and other cost-prohibitive ones in my ears].

The sound can be characterized as well rounded, warm and natural, built on a solid bass foundation. The smooth frequency curve response confirms a balanced image that is quite mature for its price category.

The bass is weighty and has respectable dynamics with very good extension into the sub-bass – somebody at home down there. It is somewhere between fast and slow and does not smear into the midrange. As with most earphones in this class, I’d normally bicker the bass could be toned down a bit and more focused for my taste…however the bass fits the overall tonality well, adds warmth to the image, and somewhat defines the NiceHCK EP10’s signature. I quite like it.

The midrange, while recessed, is of astounding quality for this class. Voices have a natural timbre and a decent density but could be a bit more intimate (well, that’s what you pay the big bucks for). Male voices, in particular, have a good firmness. The upper midrange is emphasized to add extra energy to female voices but luckily no harshness. Treble is smooth and a couple of peaks in the 13 to 15 kHz area contribute some airiness and fake resolution.

Soundstage is surprisingly realistic and accurate. Resolution, separation, layering, and detail are all good to very good. I find the sound clear, transparent, and relatively open. Even tracks with big instrumentation are reproduced nicely and without crowding, at least at low to “normal” volumes.

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