otoscope ophthalmoscope best

Otoscope ophthalmoscope reviews diagnostic kit portable

Otoscope ophthalmoscope reviews

Illumination: Fiber Optic Illumination Otoscope ophthalmoscope reviews
Luminance: 24 Lumen
Magnification: 3x
Tip sizes: 2.4mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm.

otoscope ophthalmoscope reviews
otoscope ophthalmoscope reviews

Type: 2.5V LED bulb
Working Situation: Temperature: 10-35℃; Humidity: 30-75%; Air Pressure: 700-1060hPa
Product Size: 16.7 * 4.8cm / 6.5 * 1.9″ (L * W)

I buy an ophthalmoscope/otoscope (diagnostic set) for medical school

Looking back, almost all those shiny ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes that were purchased during medical school were rarely used except for when visiting family members wanted their brand new doctor in training to show off their skills and to examine their eyes and ears.

The reason these Otoscope ophthalmoscope reviews sets sat collecting dust on bookshelves is because during the first two years of medical school, they are only needed a few times to go over clinical skills and often times the equipment is provided. During many clinical skills exams, to keep things standardized, ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes are provided for the test.

When you begin your clinical rotations, almost every clinic will have them available for you either in the room or on the floor where you will be working. But not every medical school is the same, so be sure to check with the third and fourth year medical students at your school before you purchase a new set.

otoscope ophthalmoscope promotion
otoscope ophthalmoscope promotion

So which ophthalmoscope/otoscope (diagnostic set) should I get for medical school? Before you drop hundreds of dollars on a diagnostic set, make sure you go through the questions above. If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you may need to buy a diagnostic set.

If you need to buy Otoscope ophthalmoscope reviews a set or you just insist on buying a set because everyone else is doing it, make sure to buy a used set and save some of that hard earned student loan money for something you really need in medical school, like a nice stethoscope. Remember that $600 to $800 plus loan interest over the life of your student loan on equipment that you will rarely use, will cost you a fortune.

Chances are, there are many upperclassmen who made the mistake of purchasing diagnostic sets that have gone relatively unused for several years and these students would not hesitate to part with it. Specifically, look for those fourth year students who have matched into specialties that will not require looking into the eyes and ears of patients such as radiology, pathology, psychiatry and dermatology.

otoscope ophthalmoscope deal
otoscope ophthalmoscope deal

Also look for the guys that are using the military to pay their way through school as Uncle Sam covers those students and their equipment. That being said, be wary of the upperclassman who tries to convince you into buying unnecessary used equipment from them because they may be looking to cut their losses on an expensive device they never used.

When you buy a used Otoscope ophthalmoscope reviews set, look for the brand name Welch Allyn and stay away from knock off, no name brands, that you can find on Ebay. Welch and Allyn has been around since 1915 and they are the standard when it comes to ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes that you may use in medical school.

Welch and Allyn makes many types of diagnostic sets, but even their basic sets will set you back hundreds of dollars. Do you need a panoptic set? No. It is even more expensive and the size of the device makes it cumbersome to carry around. If you do not plan on going into a field that requires expert funduscopic skills such as ophthalmology or neurology but you need a set and can not find any upperclassmen willing to sell their used Welch and Allyn diagnostic sets at a reasonable price, look into this set, the Welch Allyn Standard Diagnostic Set.

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