puluz 40x40cm

Puluz 40x40cm photo studio LED light box photography

Details Puluz 40x40cm

All-in-one portable studio easy to use Puluz 40x40cm.
Photo studio with foldable design which is unfolding a whole new level of possibilities in smartphone photography.

Size puluz 40x40cm
Size puluz 40x40cm

It enables everyone to take awesome, studio-quality pictures with a smartphone using a simple setup.
Don’t worry about taking high quality pictures for your online shop products anymore.

5500LM light, super bright to provide the adequate light source. This light combined with the silver reflective interior of the tent, provides even lighting to minimize shadows. Your photo will be with pure white background and you don’t even need to have the photo copped.

Puluz 40x40cm Very easy to install! No other tools needed for the installation and uninstallation.Your bare hands are the only things needed for the installation. Space saving and very flexible. Can be utilized on various occasions or in different places.

Comes with a carrying bag and 6 pieces of background paper boards (White, orange, black,Blue,Red,Green). The paper boards are wrinkle resistant and water resistant.

Studio Box Kit photography

SAMTIAN is a name you should know when it comes to photography light boxes. There are two on our list, and this is the smaller of the two.

This is the 16″ cube, which is more than enough for the small and medium-sized items you need to capture. The 84 piece LED light comes in strips, and can be placed in multiple positions to ensure all-over lighting.

Not only is it easy to set up, but it’s also portable and easy to carry. This can go on-location to any environment, indoors or outdoors.

Led puluz 40x40cm
Led puluz 40x40cm

There are six different backgrounds, allowing versatility in the products and items you shoot. The reflective silver sides bounce the color you are using to keep it consistent.

Another 16″ photo lightbox that is great to use is the LimoStudio 16 x 16″ Light Tent Kit. As it is a kit, it comes with many features that make it a joy to work with and shoot inside.

Firstly, the four different backgrounds allow you to capture most items easily when white doesn’t quite fit. It comes with a mini camera stand, which is adjustable to8-inches in total.

The two tabletop LED lights reach 600 lumens. Lighting the product through the fabric walls won’t be a problem. The fabric is polyester, making it easier to clean for those more experimental shoots.

If you’re looking for a photo lightbox that really needs a color input, then the Emart 16″ studio box kit is for you. Not only does the kit come with four different backgrounds, but you also get 4 different color gels to change the color of the lighting.

Components puluz 40x40cm
Components puluz 40x40cm

The lighting comes in the form of two 15W LED Puluz 40x40cm. The benefit of these is that they don’t heat up, meaning more power and reliable safety. They have a color temperature of 5500 K, making it easy to color correct in post-production editing.

It is a photo light box that is easy to set up and fold away when not needed. It is also portable if you need an on-location product shoot.

If you prefer to shoot using your mobile, then there is a universal bracket adapter for smartphones. This is handy alongside the included mini tripod.

This photo light box is the big brother of number 5 on our list. This beast is large enough to photograph almost anything except for an electric scooter.

As you would imagine due to its size, there are quite a few LED lights. There are 126 pieces in total, which come in beads allowing them to be placed in many different in-box configurations.

One of the biggest advantages of this photo lightbox is the dimmer switch. This allows for moody lighting, or a strong blast to separate the items from the white infinity curve.

Background puluz 40x40cm
Background puluz 40x40cm

The thing I like the most is the multi-angle shooting option. You can open the front completely, or close-it where a small window lets you capture a situation where light doesn’t escape. Even top-down shooting is possible.

Number one on our list is the MyStudio MS20 Professional photo lightbox. This is the professional version of number 8 on our list, coming in larger and stronger, with a price to match.

Similar to its younger brother, the MS20 gives you a base construction to work from. Here, you attach any card or paper you wish, allowing for any tone, shade or color. White works the best, as you get a premade infinity curve and corners to reflect the light.

The infinity curve helps to cut down on time in post-production editing. This gives you more time to experiment, shoot, and ensure your images are tack sharp.

This kit comes with lighting which has a color temperature of 5000k. This makes it easy to ensure a ‘white’ and correct exposure. The difference here is they are not LED but more professional fluorescent.

I like the size, as it is expandable and versatile. The lighting gives it more of a professional edge, and it is easy to setup. It’s an all-in-one kit, but not really built for portability.

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