r764741 Bare Lamp for Barco Projector

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Part number : P-VIP 120-132/1.0 E22h r764741
Projector Model number: For Barco OV-508 ,OV-513 ,OV-515 ,OV-708, OV-713, OV-715,OV-808 ,OV-815

Lamp r764741 best
Lamp r764741 best

Lamp type: Osram Original Bare Lamp
Rate power: P-VIP 132 – 120W
Lamplife: >5000h
Application: Business, Education, Home

Different of Original Lamp vs Compatible Lamp
Standard lamp life r764741 for original lamp is 2000hours,compatible(alternative) lamp will be 300hours shorter than the original one. Some kind of lamps can reach to 3000hours even more as the wattage is lower.

Light for digital cinema film projection

For the past 60 years, the OSRAM XBO lamp has delighted audiences worldwide and transformed the visit in the cinema into an experience to remember. The age of digital cinema has placed huge demands on projection technology, but the XBO cinema lamp stays one step ahead the demands with continuous improvements and upgrades.

New digital cinema projectors and large screens require a high light output. OSRAM´s XBO cinema lamps rise to the challenge with a level of luminance that guarantees brilliant, high-resolution images. XBO cinema lamps are from genuine OSRAM production “Made in Germany”. The automated processing of the high quality materials in conjunction with the strict OSRAM quality control ensures a consistently high lamp standard.

With more than 65,000 projectors in the field, Barco is the market share leader in xenon digital cinema projection. We provide the widest portfolio of lamp-based digital cinema projectors in the industry, comprising 2K and 4K projectors with a Xenon or UHP light source. These projectors excel in quality, modularity, and ease of use. This projector range is designed for cinema screens starting from 4m (13ft) wide.

Lamp r764741 cheapest
Lamp r764741 cheapest

With theaters beginning the process of reopening in select markets, Cinionic is taking steps to ensure you have everything you need to bring your projectors back online when the time comes. Learn more in this article on how to safely switch your Barco cinema projector back on.

Lamp and laser

In the early days, lamps were the traditional go-to light source in the projection world. However, r764741 fifteen years ago, the introduction of solid-state projection light sources like lasers shook the industry. And although both technologies have their own merits, changing the light source in a projector from lamps to laser diodes brings with it many advantages for the professional AV market. So it’s high time to jump aboard the laser train.

The lifetime of a projection light source is the number of hours the projector can run at full power before the brightness of the light source, and consequently also the projection quality, drops to an unacceptable level for further use. (That is, not taking into consideration the other parts of the projector of course.)

For much of its history, the lifespan of lamp projectors could be expressed in hundreds of hours. Admittedly, by now lamp projectors have undergone several innovations to increase their lifetime, with recent claims between up to 6000 hours; but that’s still peanuts if you compare it to the typical 20.000 hours lifespan of laser projectors.

Lamp r764741 promotion
Lamp r764741 promotion

If you do the calculation this means your laser projector can run continuous 24/7 for more than 2 years. And more practically, it translates to roughly 40 hours a week for an entire decade. Now that is a long time! And then we’re not even talking yet about ECO modes: if the environment allows for it, that is if it’s dark enough – you can lower the maximum output of your light source to extend its lifetime even more.

Laser light sources don’t just last longer, their performance is also more consistent over time. Where lamps will inevitably dim after a while, laser-based systems offer steadier brightness that decreases at a much slower pace. Idem ditto for color fidelity. Lasers guarantees a relatively constant and more stable color rendition over their lifespan.

Also, if a lamp explodes, your projection is done. If one of the laser diodes fail, which is highly unlikely, you still have the others which will form an image on the screen.

Let’s start this touchy subject by acknowledging the following: yes, the cost price of a laser projector is higher than the purchase price of a lamp projector. But you should think further than this initial investment. As you know by now, you will be able to enjoy the laser outcomes much longer. And don’t forget about the extra maintenance costs, higher electricity bills and other additional expenses related to lamp projection set-ups.

We’re not claiming laser projectors are maintenance free. Of course, r764741 you still need the occasional check-ups and upkeeps to clean fans, filters or lenses for maximum efficiency and performance. But the use of lasers does cut out the need for lamp replacements.

Material Lamp r764741
Material Lamp r764741

Now, you might think the price of a replacement lamp isn’t the end of the world. Right. But take a laser projector with an operating lifespan of 25.000 hours, for instance, which will eliminate at least twelve lamp bulb changes. If you have an entire fleet of projectors, it quickly adds up to substantial savings in costs, and, equally as important, in time and labor.

Taking all this in consideration, there’s no denying that the total cost of ownership is much lower during the lifespan for a laser projector.

Coming back to that electricity bill, another important benefit of laser projectors is their power efficiency. Laser light engines create the exact colors that are needed with more focused energy and reduced heat dissipation. Needing less power for the same – or even a better and brighter – outcome, is great for your wallet, but also for your ecological footprint.

Defect laser engines are typically sent back to the factory for repair by a qualified technician. Lamp r764741 replacements can be done easily by the rental crew itself, but projector lamps can contain mercury or other hazardous waste materials which may cause serious environmental damage – and even health issues – if not dealt with properly. Burned-out lamps can’t just go in the trash but need to be disposed of by a specialized recycling center.

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