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Best PS4 controllers 2020

There’s way more than one type of official PS4 s2pg001a controller. Did you know there are at least 20 varieties of PS4 DualShock 4? Most of us may still have the plain black one that ships with the standard PS4, but the iconic gamepad comes in a whole stack of flavours.

How about the translucent “Crystal” or the Last of Us Part II special edition with game insignia stamped into the casing?

What’s our point in bringing these up?

The DualShock 4 is still our first recommendation whenever someone asks about what they should replace an original PS4 controller with, when the old one starts acting up. They aren’t cheap, but they are great.

However, today we will also look at some of the best alternatives.

Some are a lot smaller, handy for the kids or for a portable pad you can stash in a bag. Others are much higher-end PS4 controllers, with advanced features like mappable buttons and variable resistance triggers. Sure, you won’t see a third-party PS4 pad mimic the brand new features of the DualSense controller for PS5, but you can get some that are more like the brilliant Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller.

Details 2pg001a
Details 2pg001a

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

The trusty DualShock 4 is always our first recommendation when we’re asked about replacement PS4 controllers.

The s2pg001a is perfect for its purpose: sleek, small and wireless. Not to mention the built in speaker, varying light bar colors, touch pad and motion detection that enhance play.

This need not be a cop-out option either. You don’t have to make do with the plain old black style shipped with the console. Jazz things up a bit with a red, blue, gold or green camo DualShock 4.

You can attach a gaming headset or headphones to the controller easily too (unlike the Xbox One pad). However, battery life can be a pain. The controller holds charge for around four to eight hours. Frequent top-ups are required so you might want to buy a charge dock, particularly as they use microUSB charging.

Many of us have already moved onto USB-C for our phones, so there are fewer suitable cables lying about the house. Read more about Sony’s official charging station in our best PS4 accessories round-up.

Figure s2pg001a
Figure s2pg001a

We find the DualShock 4 is a great PS4 controller for someone who just simply wants to get on with playing and isn’t fussed about the customization available in some of the third-party pads below.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller

If you are a s2pg001a player, but prefer the design of the Xbox One controller, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller might be a better fit for you. Like the Vantage Controller, the Revolution Pro is built for gamers (more specifically esports) with a directional pad that can move eight ways – instead of four – alongside four shortcut buttons.

However, it’s not quite as complicated to operate as the Vantage, nor is it as expensive.

If you want a PS4 controller with a few extra bells and whistles, but not an overwhelming amount, and prefer a chunkier controller that is a bit more resilient, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller could be for you.

If you want your PS4 controller to have a bit more bite, and are more specific about your controller’s performance, the SCUF Vantage Controller is a great option.

s2pg001a best
s2pg001a best

Built with gamers in mind, this fully customizable PS4 controller boasts enhanced grip, remappable paddles on the back, side action buttons and an audio touch bar.

Those rear paddles are similar to those of the Xbox Elite Controller. You program them using a switch on the bottom, and flick them with an extended index finger. It’s a different way to play, but offers something the DualShock 4 does not.

Essentially the Vantage controller is built so you can play more comfortably for longer. But unless you know how to optimize its abilities, maybe it’s best to stick to a more straightforward PS4 controller.

Especially because the Vantage Controller is much more expensive than your average DualShock 4.

The Razer Raiju Ultimate Wireless PS4 Controller is more suited to seasoned gamers and pros, allowing advanced customization via the Razer mobile app – that includes remapping and adjusting sensitivity.

This is one of the smartest PS4 gamepads around.

If that’s not enough customization for you, you can also make use of interchangeable thumbsticks, the built-in quick control panel, and Hair Trigger Mode – allowing you to be more trigger-happy than ever before.

Much like the other pro controllers on this list, the Raiju Ultimate is chunkier than the DualShock making it more suitable for those who prefer the Xbox One controller style.

When it launched the controller had an issue with latency when used wireless. This was improved, if not entirely fixed, with a firmware update.

The Raiju Ultimate is a fantastic PS4 controller, but it’s not exactly cheap. Make sure you will make use of advanced customizations before investing – but if you harness the controller’s capabilities then you’ll find your gameplay experience all that much smoother.

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