Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case

Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case soft silicone cover

Details Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case

Product type: Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case
Suitable model:For Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
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Details Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case
Details Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case

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Samsung galaxy ace s5830i review

You may have heard that Apple has recently filed a lawsuit against Samsung for designing phones that it believes look too much like the iPhone. This suit listed a number of previous Samsung products, but in our opinion, Apple has never had as strong a case for this claim as it does against the Galaxy Ace. The combination of the 3.5-inch display, the size and shape of the bezel around the screen, the single mechanical button and the stainless steel trim make the Ace seem very familiar.

But then, we don’t think that this is a bad thing for consumers, and whether you agree or not, the Ace is a very sturdy-feeling phone. We like the size of it in our hands, and we like the feel of the mesh-like grip on the charcoal-coloured plastic battery cover. The 3.5-inch screen uses capacitive touchscreen technology and is extremely responsive, though its HVGA (320 x 480) pixel resolution and its LCD panel look a little dull and blocky.

Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case finds space for a 5-megapixel camera and an LED flash on the back of the Ace, alongside an external speaker grille. There’s a headphone socket at the top of this phone, and a microSD card slot on the right-hand side, filled with a 2GB card that can be replaced with a card up to 32GB in capacity.

Samsung employs its TouchWiz UI in its Ace, similar to last year’s hugely successful Galaxy S. Unlike the Galaxy S, however, the Ace doesn’t suffer from the same performance glitches, and the experience is, for the most part, quite smooth and unobtrusive. TouchWiz includes up to seven home screens for widgets, and Samsung includes a range of widgets to use, though none offer anything new or innovative.

Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case beauty
Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case beauty

A big plus in favour of the Ace, compared with other phones in this price range, is the inclusion of a Swype keyboard. Samsung has included Swype in a number of its Android releases, and if you haven’t used Swype before, you’re in for a real treat.

One major disappointment, and it was a complete surprise for us, was that the Ace is incompatible with Adobe Flash, even though it runs on the Android Froyo (2.2) platform. Flash is one of the major points of difference for Android compared with other platforms, and we believe that most people choosing an Android phone would expect to be able to watch videos in the browser. We’re guessing that Samsung has left Flash out to preserve performance, but those considering an Ace should keep this is mind.

A 5-megapixel camera sounds like a very generous addition in a mid-tier handset, especially when flash and auto-focus are included. However, these specifications are not indicative of the quality of the photos that this camera takes.

Once a bit player on the smartphone scene, famed more for questionable construction than standout handsets, Samsung has turned a corner in recent years, establishing itself as a genuine player on the pocket phone front and producing some of the most desirable handsets on the market.

Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case best
Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case best

Following on from the success of the high-end Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2, the Korean tech behemoth expanded its range of intergalactic-named mobile phones, with the Samsung Galaxy Ace touching down last year as a mid-level handset.

Tasked with raising the expectations of what is possible from a wallet-friendly smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace, which also flies under the flag of the Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case, has since spawned a sub-series of its own, with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 also landing on the market.

Lining up with a display size similar to that of the Apple iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy Ace’s 3.5-inch TFT screen is no match to that of its Cupertino-crafted rival, and is just one of a number of aspects that fall below the benchmark set out by the iOS-powered handset.

While a 5-megapixel rear-mounted camera lines up well alongside snappers infused within handsets generally superior and pricier than the Samsung Galaxy Ace, the handset’s imaging abilities are diminished, on paper at least, by its lacklustre maximum 640 x 480p video recording capabilities.

Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case discount
Samsung galaxy ace s5830i case discount

In terms of base specs, the Samsung Galaxy Ace boasts an 800MHz single-core Qualcomm MSM7227 processor.

This is now significantly below par for the influx of 1GHz CPU mid-range smartphones and even the odd dual-core entrant. But it lines up with that of the new Motorola Motoluxe, a handset one year the Samsung Galaxy Ace’s junior.

Although available for free on a variety of pay monthly tariffs with a variable collection of inclusive minutes, texts and data allowances, it’s now priced at just £90 on PAYG, and from £7.50 on contracts, making it a true budget smartphone.

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