Senfer mt300 review

Senfer mt300 review hybrid driver In-Ear earphones

Specifications Senfer mt300 review

Model: Senfer mt300 review . Sensitivity: 105dB SPL/mW
Frequency response: 20Hz_3500Hz. Input impedance: 16Ω
Distortion rate: ≤0.5% (1 KHZ). Channel balanced: ≤1 dB
Rated power: 10mW. Cable length: 1.2m. Interface: MMCX

Details Senfer mt300 review
Details Senfer mt300 review

Driver Configurations: 7mm TDK Electrostatic Driver, 33518 Knowles Balanced Armature, 10mm Carbon Dynamic Driver

Senfer mt300 review

In IEM design, different drivers have different advantages. Dynamic drivers deliver power and low-end articulation; balanced armatures offer reduced distortion and more detailing for higher frequencies; electrostatic drivers boast next to no distortion with a lifelike soundstage.

In the new Senfer MT300 IEM, all three of these drivers work in synchronicity for full-spectrum articulation and a rich listening experience. Each earphone features an innovative combination —one 7-millimeter TDK electrostatic driver, one 33518 Knowles balanced armature, and one 10-millimeter carbon dynamic driver—to create a unique sound that feels both immense and detailed.

Completing the design, the Senfer mt300 review is equipped with a CNC-machined aluminum shell and decorative PVD mirror faceplate, plus a hybrid braided cable made of OCC copper and OCC silver-plated copper for reliable signal transmission.

Senfer mt300 overview
Senfer mt300 overview

Senfer MT300 adopts the hybrid driver configuration to present an overall balanced sound quality. Innovatively adopt a 7mm TDK electrostatic drive, a 33518 Knowles balanced armatures and a 10mm carbon dynamic driver, this product is truly an eye-catcher in each aspect. Mixed drivers are more powerful and functional with which you have amounts of airy and smooth sound experience

Award Winner-SENFER MT300
Words are not enough to highlight the excellence of this product, but the award can. As a mutiple international award winner, Senfer mt300 review has got awards like the Innovation Award of CES, German IF Design Award, Reddot Design Award and Japan Good Design Award. Buy with confidence and with the world

CNC Aluminum Case.
Despite focusing on functionality, the aesthetics of Senfer is fully shown on the unique design shell, made from CNC carved aluminium. The faceplate is processed with PVD mirror electro coating. It shimmers from different angles

Detachable OCC Cable.
Cable plays an crucial role in improving the sound quality, thus we have chosen OCC and OCC silver-plated mixed braided cable for MT300. Default 3.5mm earphone plug is compatible with many devices, a convenient product for any scenarios

Senfer mt300 review box
Senfer mt300 review box

Acoustics and Ergonomics Senfer mt300 review.
Ergonomics is the basics of all design as comfort is the basis for a good earphone. Designed based on ergonomics while also putting the unique aesthetics into functionality, this model is the one and only that you will never miss. Sound is tuned to be balanced, sound stage is powerful and wide, resolution is pretty well. With it, you can feel the sense of depth, like the flowing water, curvy but smooth and quiet

I did get around to doing an early test. Not fair but a show me what you can do thing. I pitted two from the price bracket Senfer mt300 review vs. the Elecom. Vsonic VS3 and Simgot MT3 vs. the Elecom. The handicap was less than 10 hours on the GrandBass and wireless SBC from a Ruizu player so not aptX vs the two wired models running out of my Cowon with the right tips and favorable EQ.

Cowon is Cirrus 43131 DAC set to fast/low latency. Elecom would beat both with all three set to no EQ. Still beats the Vsonic no doubt even with the brighter cleaner EQ added. Suspect the Simgot is the same 10mm Titanium in the EN700(non Pro) with a new housing and lower quality cable. It does jump up over the Vsonic sounding quite a bit better but it only matches the Elecom.

I may prefer the Elecom bass. I’m sure with aptX and some run in it will at least edge ahead by a neck. MP3 player do vary in BT sound with the chips they use. So going to a Qualcomm should be better in general plus adding a good aptX implementation. Can really play in the $100 range even w/o wires.

Senfer mt300 review price cheap
Senfer mt300 review price cheap

It is a model that cuts 10,000 yen, Senfer mt300 review but it is possible to play bass firmly as you can not imagine from the price. It is a low range with a rich sense of quantity and sound pressure, but at the same time, it is tightened, and a tight, sharp depiction is realized.

Ducts and semi-open structures seem to work. Because the low range does not swell too much, the clearness of the mid-to-high range is maintained, and it is an earphone that can enjoy the description rich in information.”…but can’t give credence to unless I hear it for myself. Though I was not expecting to be disappointed with my other Elecom experience and hearing the potential, though missed, of the previous wired model.

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