solong tattoo rotary machine

Solong tattoo rotary machine needle cartridges

Solong tattoo rotary machine

Solong tattoo rotary machine. You can do this pen tattoo, permanent eyebrow makeup, lips line, eye line … All in one pen.

Each of the Hybrid Tattoo Pen is CNC-machined aircraft aluminum alloy and then anodized finish. The motor is 10W made in Taiwan, low noise, strong and stable to work, no hot for long time working.

solong tattoo rotary machine overview
solong tattoo rotary machine overview

Operating voltage: 7-12 V DC. This Hybrid Tattoo Pen can be compatible with Hawk power adapter and all other brands of tattoo power supplies, you will get a plug adapter to work with all those power supplies.

Rpm range stitches / Sec: 8 V-8000 rpm, min 8-800 / sec
Stroke: 3mm
Needle projection: 0-3.5mm
Connection: DC 5.5 Jack plug cable, free plug adapter to fit all brands power supplies.
Package including: 1 Hybrid Tattoo Pen, DC 5.5 Jack plug cable, Jack plug adapter, 1 needle cartridge

Solong – Pioneer in the Tattoo Industry

Know that if you are making a list of the best tattoo kit manufacturers, without Solong, the list will be incomplete. Solong is a widely known tattoo kit manufacturer among the professional tattoo artists in the globe.

If you create a pole asking, which one is the best tattoo kit manufacturer that you can rely on?

Many professional tattoo artists will give their votes to Solong.

You will not get a similar quality product from another brand, which you are getting from Solong, undoubtedly- specially Solong Hybrid Tattoo Pen.

And they manufacture tattoo kits keeping in mind about the love, which they have received from their customers. They never compromise on the product quality, and that is why till now, they are reigning in the tattooing industry.

Solong tattoo rotary machine new not only manufactures tattoo kits for professionals only, but many DIY lovers also use solong tattoo kits for their personal use.

solong tattoo rotary machine quality
solong tattoo rotary machine quality

A tattoo is all about self-explaining. You can judge a person easily by looking at his/her tattoo. And without a tattoo kit, you can’t give your tattoo a glowing look.

Tattoo Coil Machine: This kit comes with a 4X10 tattoo wrap coil machine for creating liner and shader. These handmade constructed coil machines are made of carbon steel. Carbon steel is one of the lightest and durable materials and, thus, the machines as well.

All Solong tattoo rotary machine work faster and create fine and precise line marks. Also, they are powerful to penetrate deeply into the skin. Undoubtedly, you will get an energetic and lasting color. Each machine weight is only 250g separately. Thus, you will never feel fatigued while working for a long time. The voltage range of the machines is 4V – 12V.

Digital Power Supply: Solong brand always gives priority to the power option. And this way, the available power supply of this brand is strong and stable. With the power supply, you will get 1 top-foot controller and a clip-cord. You will get the settings reading through an LCD screen.

solong tattoo rotary machine view
solong tattoo rotary machine view

The responsibility of the power supply is to provide an accurate voltage to the machine during operation. And using the clip-cord, you can attach the coil machine to the power option. Your adjusted settings will be shown on the LCD screen so that you can make a precise tattooing design.

All the accessories are in-built to use, and you will not face any hassle to follow the instructions. So, before you do tattooing on someone’s real skin, you can use the practice skin which has come with the tattoo kit.

Solong is a trusted brand that receives international popularity, and when it comes to quality tattoo equipment, this tattoo kit is singing the triumph of quality Solong products.

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