starter tattoo kits canada quality

Starter tattoo kits canada digital permanent makeup gun

Starter tattoo kits canada

Starter tattoo kits canada 1 great quality power supply.(input 110/240V,please regulate the switch behind to fit your local tension,output15V DC max ,well send different plug to fit your country ) 1 Foot switch,1 Clip cord.

starter tattoo kits canada best
starter tattoo kits canada best

1 Pack of A & D Ointment. Each pack is a 5 gram foil pack.
5 Brush for clearnliness. 50 High quality pre made sterile tattoo needles (the sizes from round liner 3,5,7,9; round shader 5,7,9; magnum 5,7,9; 5 for each size.mixed commonly uesd needles )


The Javelin Starter Tattoo Pen Kit, a training system that combines the Tattoo Supply & Equipment Crash Course 101 and the hardware necessary to learn the trade. This kit was put together for the purpose of continued use after your apprenticeship.

The Javelin OG Starter tattoo kits canada is an amazingly well-designed tattoo pen. One of the first of its kind in a set. We are breaking barriers by creating a setup that combines the traditional gear you need with the newest in cutting-edge technology. The Javelin is a smooth running, sleek and rugged machine.

starter tattoo kits canada deal
starter tattoo kits canada deal

The Javelin is built with a 3.5mm stroke and is capable of doing lining, shading, and BG work. It excels in shading and BG work. It has the versatility of the huge selection of different needle cartridges from bugpin liners, power liners, weaved/tight/power/curved/flat magnums, the sky is the limit on the kind of work you will be able to do.

It shades in tones and colors beautifully and effortlessly. The motor has an RPM: 9370 unloaded, and 8320 loaded, 2.5 watt motor that is silky smooth with low vibration. It is ideal for producing detailed, intricate shading, lining, and blending. Operating voltage of 1-12v.

Wormhole Tattoo Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit Tattoo Needles Microblading Pen Clean & Safe Stick & Poke Tattoos for Tattoo Supply

Starter tattoo kits canada Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit: Wormhole Tattoo design stick stamp tool kit is a good quality DIY tattoo kit.

*Included in our stick and poke tattoo kit:1 X Safety Instructions Card || 5 X Disposable 7rl Microblading Needles || 1 X 1 oz Black Tattoo Ink || 10 X Tattoo Ink Cups With Base || 4 X Medical Tattoo Bib || 1 X Pair of Blue Nitrile Gloves || 1 x Tattoo Ointment Cream || 1 X Microblading Pen || 2 X Razor || 1 X Tattoo Marker(Black)

starter tattoo kits canada
starter tattoo kits canada

*Simple design, suitable for tattoo beginners to better use the skills, also be used for eyebrow. And can make a few fading restorations to existing tattoos.

*Enjoy tattoo processing just like painting use a pen
*If you have any questions about the stick and poke tattoo kit, please contact us to deal with them, your questions can make us progress

Wormhole Tattoo stick and poke tattoo kit let the tattoo artist enjoy tattoo processing just like painting using a pen.
Simple design, also be used for eyebrow. And can make a few fading restorations to existing tattoos.
Designed for professional tattoo needle,more fast and easy coloring. For disposable use only. Individually packed for each use.

Be 100% sure to take all necessary precaution to ensure your workplace, skin canvas, equipment, and tattoo giver are all properly clean and disinfected.

Contact the Wormhole Tattoo customer service when service or repair is required. Cleanliness is Godliness in the world of tattooing. NOT SAFE FOR KIDS ,This Kit is not a toy or temporary kids tattoo kit ,This is 100% real needles puncturing your skin leaving ink permanently in your skin to create awesome pieces of Art that lasts forever.

In order to avoid damage to your hand poke and stick tattoo kit, please do not drop, squeeze, impact, bend or let it bear too much power. Do not place the hand poke and stick tattoo kit in damp, extreme or long-term hot, cold, wet places or other unfavorable conditions. Do not incinerate this appliance even if it is severely damaged.

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