tasse bodum espresso shot

Tasse bodum espresso shot tea tumbler teacup

Tasse bodum espresso shot

Tasse bodum espresso shot known as the most superior cup in the world
Double Wall Glass Vacuum Design, Beautiful shape, Like a work of Art. Very safe to use, Cold / Heat insulation, Anti scalding

tasse bodum espresso shot best
tasse bodum espresso shot best

Glass can withstand temperature difference -20 ℃to 150 ℃ , Not Burst. Multifunctional Applicable to Espresso, Coffee, Milk, Tea, Juice, Latte, Cappuccino etc.
Sites Applicable Home, Cafe, Office, Restaurant, School

Material: Lead Free High Borosilicate Glass
Color: Transparent
Size: 7.8 x 7.4 x 4.5cm
Capacity: 150ml

Amazing features of espresso glasses

It does not contain any harmful chemicals that can penetrate your drink and change the true taste of your drip coffee. Glass does not influence the coffee aroma or flavor, which are recognized by coffee drinkers as two valuable characteristics of this astonishing drink.

Currently, Tasse bodum espresso shot glass is widely used as the best option for ware manufacturing to satisfy the demands of consumers. The focus on new technological innovations in the process of glassware production permits final users to savor the unique types of coffee offered by manufacturers from different parts of the world.

tasse bodum espresso shot mode
tasse bodum espresso shot mode

General information on glass cups designed for coffee consumption.
The selection of the proper design and style of the glass mugs intended for regular coffee consumption depends on your preferences and special needs. Here is an overview of the products from this category presented in the consumer market today.

Espresso shot glasses are designed for those people who adore drinking coffee and enjoy the way it looks. Shot-sized glasses are appropriate for laying the table to have a brief encounter in any setting. These items have a classic shape.

Glass double-wall espresso cups

Make the most of your next coffee break. Enjoy the beautiful way the coffee appears to float within your new double-walled espresso mugs when you lift them up. Have you noticed how cool it is to the touch? Your espresso will stay hotter for longer, allowing you to sit back and relax while savoring the rich flavor and fragrance.

These four Tasse bodum espresso shot insulated espresso cups come in a pack of four. Each shot has a capacity of 2-5 oz. All of our scratch-resistant espresso glasses are constructed of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and are dishwasher safe. A PERFECT GIFT FOR COFFEE ADDICTS. Each espresso cup set is packaged in a colorful cardboard gift box. This not only ensures that each glass arrives in pristine condition, but it also makes it a great gift for coffee lovers.

tasse bodum espresso shot new
tasse bodum espresso shot new

Are you planning a dinner party? Small trifles, mini mousse, or miniature tiramisus will wow your visitors! Do you like the more difficult tasks? Serve a round of freezing cold shots of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Your guests will be astounded at how their beverages appear to float in the glass!

Double wall espresso cups are represented as fantastic polished mugs for espresso coffee due to their capacity to provide comfort and elegance to their users. The nature of this technology lies in the thermal capacity to keep the beverage either hot or cold. It depends on the choice of the coffee lover whether to buy a glass or a cup comprised of glass with a sleek handle.

Bodum espresso cups have amazing designs which foster the sensitiveness of guests, their mutual understanding of the importance of the meeting, their focus on exclusiveness. They are developed with the help of new technology that gives a newly designed rounded shape.

The vacuum formed as a result of the mixture of two separate layers of glass material allows the liquid to keep its temperature for a long time. The so-called thermal insulation attribute benefits users in many ways. They will never burn their hands because of this unique characteristic.

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