tattoo starter kit list

Tattoo starter kit list needles grip tip set

Tattoo starter kit list

Alloy Tattoo starter kit list grips: 2 pcs Comfortable, non-slip, firm, professional grips for each machine, convenient to use.
Tattoo needles: Individually blister packed & pre-sterilized tattoo needles & 20pcs & sizes at: 3RL,5RL,5RS,7RS

tattoo starter kit list deal
tattoo starter kit list deal

Steel Tattoo tips: 5pcs high-quality, easy-to-clean tattoo tips.
pcs 4-part SPIRIT Stencil Paper. 1 Pack of A & D Ointment. Each pack is a 5 gram foil pack.

Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners: Penetrates Skin Deep

For those lasting and vibrant colors with inking, HAWINK is the one to go for. With this kit, you will get two different tattoo gun machines.

One is the liner one that has 8 wrap coils and the other is the 10 wrap shading machine. The liner one runs fast and offers those fine and precise line work. On the other hand, the shading machine runs a bit slower to create those high-quality shading effects on the skin.

Those things are possible due to the reliable power unit that allows changing the voltage to get the right amount of speed to get the perfect inking.

But besides those quality Tattoo starter kit list guns, colors, the other stuff that comes with the kit deserves some praise too. From needles to the carrying case, everything offers higher quality to make this a long-lasting unit.

Offers two tattoo machine gun: 1×8 wrap for liner work and 1×10 wrap for shading
Tattoo starter kits include tattoo machines, needles, power supply, ink, foot pedal, etc.

tattoo starter kit list details
tattoo starter kit list details

Provides high power output for deep penetration into the skin
Comes with a durable carrying case
Offers long power cord
Got various ink colors to use for practicing

Professional Tattoo Gun Kit

While the other Dragonhawk had two separate tattoo guns for liner and shader work. This one takes it to a whole new level adding 7 more additional machines to its lineup.

That’s right, you’ve got 9 tattoo guns with this kit. What’s even more interesting is the fact, 5 of them got those unique frame designs that make them stand out from those typical coil machines.

Now, all the units coming with the kit have that 10 wraps coil to offer stable and smooth performance. The high-quality iron frames offer special surface treatment to give better control over your inking. Not to forget, the lightweight design and the low vibration of it allow you to hold the guns for long periods without feeling any wrist fatigue.

tattoo starter kit list setup
tattoo starter kit list setup

Besides those unique and a handful of tattoo guns, the kit comes with all the other tools like a power supply, 50 EO needles, power cords, and all those basic stuff you expect from a package.

Even you get a case that helps you to keep all the equipment organized inside it—No more lost gears.

Whether you’re a pro or just getting started as a tattoo artist, you’re going to need some tools.

Though there are tattoo starter kits out there, none of them will have everything you need to get the job done.

This is why you need to know the tattoo supply you require to have that perfect starter kit. So, let’s take a quick look at the tattooing equipment that you’re going to need to get your tattoo parlor up and running.

Tattoo gun: The first thing you need is the tattoo machine or more commonly known as the gun. Without it, you won’t be able to ink the body.

Tattoo needle: How are you going to ink the body without the needles? It is the thing that will get the ink deep into the skin layer and have that awesome artwork there displayed.

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