Top selling tattoo kits

Top selling tattoo kits set grips needles tips supplies

Top selling tattoo kits

10 wrap coils Top selling tattoo kits, Can be set for both lining & shading, working voltage at 7V-10V, Frequency: 120-150 HZ, one-year warranty. Suitable both lining and shading.

Instruction Top selling tattoo kits
Instruction Top selling tattoo kits

1 set LCD Power Supply System: Built-in short-circuit protection and leakage protection makes it safer, steadier and more powerful when tattooing. 6-month warranty. Foot pedal ,clip cord, power cord available.

What equipment do you need to start tattooing?

When you get a starter kit, you’re looking for the best tattoo setup for beginners. But it’s hard to find everything you need in one package. You’ll probably need to make a couple other purchases.

Here is the basic tattoo equipment you’ll need:
A tattoo machine, also known as a tattoo gun or iron, Power supply for the machine, Needles, Ink, Ink caps or cups, Disposable gloves and paper towels, Green soap and alcohol, Vaseline or another glide
Practice skin, Transfer paper for stencils or a Sharpie marker
Disposal container for used needles

First, it doesn’t matter whether you start with a coil or a rotary tattoo machine. There are advantages to both kinds.

On the other hand, coil machines are the most common type, and they are less expensive. But you’ll have more work to set them up.

Mini Top selling tattoo kits
Mini Top selling tattoo kits

Next, the power supply has to match the machine you’ll be using. It has to have the right kind of connector and supply enough voltage. You might also want to get a foot controller if it doesn’t come with one.

Needles are a no-brainer. When lining with a coil machine, you’ll use tight rounds. When filling color, you’ll probably use magnums or wide-spaced rounds. Rotary machines use different needles.

Ink is crucial. Most of the Top selling tattoo kits new beginner sets come with ink, but it’s not the best for human skin. Use it on practice skin or fruit peels. Be sure to purchase professional tattoo ink for working on people. Then, pour it into the ink cups to keep things sanitary.

Speaking of sanitary, you need gloves because you’re working with blood. You might think if you’re only tattooing yourself that gloves don’t matter. This is not true, as you’re likely to stain your skin with tattoo ink. The paper towels will help you keep things tidy.

Also, it’s essential to have green soap to wash the skin in preparation for the tattoo. Then, you need alcohol to sterilize equipment, including the working surface.

Vaseline keeps the ink from discoloring the skin that’s not being tattooed. It also makes it easier to move your hand around on the surface. But feel free to use a better quality glide like Hustle Butter.

If you’ve never used a tattoo machine before, it’s an excellent idea to work on practice skin. No, it won’t be the same as tattooing a person. But it will allow you to get familiar with the process.

Instead of free-handing your first tattoo, try using a stencil, or at least a Sharpie, to outline it. It might prevent the need for cover-up work later.

Finally, be kind to your garbage collector and use a hazardous material container to collect used needles instead of tossing them in the trash.

Top selling tattoo kits new
Top selling tattoo kits new

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Pro

Out of all the beginner tattoo kits with practice skin, Hildbrandt’s is the most complete. It’s designed for apprentice artists.

It provides premium learning material like a textbook and a DVD. The cost includes membership to a site online with more video tutorials and guides. There’s also a forum for the tattoo artist community.

This kit is the closest you can get to an actual apprenticeship. Moreover, Hildbrandt is a trusted brand of tattoo supplies, not a company pushing cheap knockoffs.

In the box, you’ll get two coil tattoo machines: a liner and a shader. They run off the dual power supply. You can plug them both into one power supply and keep them ready to go without further adjustments.

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