Transisror 2n60b 600V

What is a Transisror 2n60b 600V?
In electronics a transistor is a semiconductor device, when operating in an electronic circuit, the transistor acts as an isolating valve to regulate the current and voltage in the circuit. Thanks to this important role, transistors are widely used.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 2n60b Transisror

Item specifics: 2n60b

  • Brand Name:CazenOveyi
  • Condition:New
  • Type:Other
  • Model Number: SSS2N60B
  • Application:Other
  • Operating Temperature:International standard
  • Supply Voltage:International standard
  • Dissipation Power:International standard
  • Package:Other
  • is_customized:Yes
  • Electronic Components & Supplies:ESP32
  • Electronic Components & Supplies 1:ESP8266
  • Electronic Components & Supplies 2:DIY KIT
  • Electronic Components & Supplies 3:DC-DC
  • Electronic Components & Supplies 4:STM32

Product Description: Transisror 2n60b

• 2.0A, 600V, RDS(on) = 5.0Ω @VGS = 10 V
• Low gate charge ( typical 12.5 nC)
• Low Crss ( typical 7.6 pF)
• Fast switching
• 100% avalanche tested
• Improved dv/dt capability, Typical Characteristics

2n60b Transisror: These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produced using Fairchild’s proprietary, planar, DMOS technology.

 This advanced technology has been especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance, provide superior switching performance, and withstand high energy pulse in the avalanche and commutation mode. These devices are well suited for high efficiency switch mode power supplies.

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