wexler book t7205

Wexler book t7205 display screen matrix

Wexler book t7205

Wexler book t7205 6 inch e-ink
LCD screen
For wexler book E6001B

wexler book t7205 deal
wexler book t7205 deal

For ViewSonic VEB620
For Texet TB-506

Compatible Brand: For QUMO LIBRO CLASSIC
Model 2: For wexler book E6001B


Oh, liked to read I always! And at a time when all the children walked, I sat, surrounded himself with books. And still nothing has changed ) I still love to read, but the reading still caused some inconvenience!

First, Wexler book t7205 expensive anyway, and since I read quickly, and update my collection had a lot. Secondly, the books really take up much space and collect dust. On buying e-books I don’t even think, but on March 8 gave me a gift E-Book ! And I was very glad to be able to experience it and not get upset if I don’t like to use it )

Since I was given a book, the true value will not name, but Yandex.the market showed me that the Average price = 1 265 RUB യ യ Characteristics Display 7 inches, 480800ы formats …..text( TXT, DOC, PalmDOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF, MOBI, LRC, CBR, CBZ, XPS), graphic (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG) , audio (MP3, AAC), other (HTML, WMV, RM, AVI, RMVB, 3GP, FLV, MP4, MPEG, MKV, WMA, FLAC, OGG, WAV).

wexler book t7205 new
wexler book t7205 new

In the box were :the book. Slim, compact, pleasant to the touch.

cover book,stylus pen. Cover black, leatherette probably, comfortable, fastens with a magnetic clasp. Very pleased with the presence of such protection

USB, headphones, charger. Headphones do not use, prefer to use their favorite philips ) യ a Bit of everything യ Desk, you can put any picture. The menu is very simple and straightforward.

The book has 3 readers : Cool Reader, FBReader and EBookDroid.For example, EBookDroid.

And this is my favorite program of all, for me, comfortable, is Cool Reader. Look at you page turning like real !)

Watched the Wexler book t7205 film only once, on the way, in principle a good idea. You can throw a couple of episodes of your favorite series and journey to work won’t seem long) I Love to listen to music, then it is quite comfortable.

Book I download online and just throw them in the book. Absolutely all the books you can find online. Pros: +light + comfortable + cover + low price + support audio/video Cons: – sometimes freezes and all..it can save only restart, which does not retain the place which You read. – Sometimes slow sensor, but not fatal.

wexler book t7205 quality
wexler book t7205 quality

Summary: the Book is for those who need just a book and not a tablet/music player/video, although I have not had any problems with the music. As well as those who have a limited budget, who have strong nerves and who doesn’t throw the book after several freezes And now look and imagine what this part of my books fit in my e-book ! It’s very cool!

So I’ve read about 15 books in March, if we imagine that one book costs about 200 rubles, I saved 3000 rubles. All this is of course conditional. but it’s nice. Now I save space in my room and the money, very comfortable ) a Book I recommend, because I love all of it, reduced a star just for cons. Read, develop, discover something new

Broad cooperation has been established with leaders in the IT industry. With such giants as Intel, AMD, Foxconn. The partners list even includes NVIDIA, despite its predominantly desktop orientation.

Perhaps it was international cooperation that made the company advanced and competitive. Even numerous reviews of its products in the media are usually quite flattering. The presence of an extensive network of service centers adds rainbow colors to the big picture. The work of which, in turn, is facilitated by the close interaction of Wexler with its suppliers of spare parts and other equipment.

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