who makes gaggia espresso machines deal

Who makes gaggia espresso machines automatic shutdown protection

Who makes gaggia espresso machines

It adopts advanced Who makes gaggia espresso machines 20BAR electromagnetic pump. Rapid heating technology, and stable extraction system. Automatic power-off protection in case of water shortage, Automatically shut down in 10 minutes, saving power and safety.

who makes gaggia espresso machines
who makes gaggia espresso machines

The coffee makers has two independent buttons, 40ML & 110ML modes. Removable 600ML water tank, independent installation.


Best known for carrying some of the top entry level espresso machines for people who actually care about how the coffee tastes, Gaggia has been one of the #1 names in espresso since their founding. Today, we are taking a look at their lineup to find the best Gaggia espresso machine for your shot pulling needs.

Gaggia is an Italian small appliance company founded in 1947 that specializes in coffee and espresso makers. They are owned by Saeco (which was in turn sold to Royal Phillips Electronics in 2009) but have a separate line of espresso machines and coffee accessories.

The story Who makes gaggia espresso machines goes that Achielle Gaggia is responsible for patenting the original, modern steamless espresso machine in 1938. The result is that Gaggia essentially changed the espresso game, and their line of machines are responsible for the prestige associated with crema.

who makes gaggia espresso machines quality
who makes gaggia espresso machines quality

With Gaggia, you can count on a time-tested reputation for quality espresso. Additionally, the company has great customer support services and all of their grinders and machines are covered by a one year parts and labor warranty.

Furthermore, because Gaggia got their start in the commercial world, you can count on some pretty great build quality. They are dedicated to performance driven machines that brew consistently great drinks. Also, most of their machines are designed and made in Italy.

Also known as the Classic Pro, this machine is the 2019 update on an old fan-favorite machine, the Gaggia Classic. Long considered the perfect beginner’s espresso machine, the reboot thankfully kept the user-friendliness and usability while making some subtly, but much needed changes to the machine.

For starters the Classic Pro is now 100% Italian made. With the new manufacturing comes some pretty exciting updates including an updated frame, streamlined controls (rocker switches for power, brewing, and steam), and improved pump mounts (makes for a quieter machine). However, the news that many original Classic fans were stoked to hear is that Gaggia took note of the consumer feedback on the steam wand.

They switched out the sub-par steam wand for a commercial style one that can actually produce good microfoam. So rest assured you may actually be able to get some latte art out of this one.

who makes gaggia espresso machines best
who makes gaggia espresso machines best

As far as things that have remained the same, you can still count on the rapid heating boiler, 3-way solenoid valve, and 58 mm commercial chrome-plated brass portafilter. This thing is ready to go in about five minutes and switching to steam takes sixty seconds.

Finally, the included accessories are a plastic tamper, a single and double shot commercial basket, and a pressurized double shot basket and two-way pin.

The Who makes gaggia espresso machines new steam wand brings this already competitive machine up a notch. The rocker switches and indicator lights make for an even more straightforward interface
It’s still accessible to relative novices as far as usability

The update came with an updated price tag, which means this machine is going to bat with some mid-range powerhouses instead of other entry-level machines

We’d say go with the Classic if you were a fan of the original and are looking to get a newer machine that you won’t need to mod as much to suit your needs. Additionally, if you are newer to the espresso machine scene but know you definitely want a semi-automatic machine with a good milk frother, the Gaggia Pro definitely deserves to make your shortlist. Plus, even with the hiked price, it’s still under $500.

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