zishan u1

zishan u1 HIFI Portable USB DSD512 DAC + 4200mAh Fast Charge

Feature zishan u1

USB Interface: Type C zishan u1
DSD sampling rate: DSD128
PCM sampling rate: 384K 32Bit
Decoding method: Hardware decoding

Battery zishan u1
Battery zishan u1

DAC Chip: Amanero XMOS AK4493
USB DAC: Support
Battery capacity: 4200mAh

Battery life: About 12 hours
Size: 50mm100mm20mm
Function : Support Type-c fast charge
Chip: IP5332

Note: Due to the fire for AKM factory, they have to change the AK4493 DAC to CS43198 DAC, so zishan U1 have changed the CS43198 DAC, but the function and instructions is same, pls know about it, thanks.


New portable USB DAC+AMP from ZiShan which is their first dedicated external DAC+AMP, featuring:

  • PCM decoding up to 32bit/384kHz
  • DSD decoding up to 1bit/5.6MHz
  • AK4493EQ DAC
  • OP275 LPF (soldered)
  • OP275 AMP (soldered)
  • Dual crystal oscillator
  • Atmel Atsam Microcontroller
  • Xilinx FPGA (not exactly sure but it seems to be)
  • 3.5mm Power Output (PO)
  • 3.5mm Line Output (LO)
  • Dual USB-C ports; Charging port (I/O) and Data USB DAC port (Input)
  • 3.8V 884566 4200mAh Battery
  • ±9V Power supply
  • Elna caps coupling
  • Volume knob
  • Supports QC2.0/QC3.0/MTK PE/USB PD quick charging and output charge (In other away, can be used as a power/battery bank)
  • Portable size at 100mm × 50mm × 20mm (Length × Widht × Thickness)
Details zishan u1
Details zishan u1

Zishan suddenly came up with a USB decoder, so the model named U1 was launched.

Due to the meager profit, only one computer data cable is standard, please be aware.

With so many similar products on the market, what are the characteristics of U1? U1 is a 4200mAh fast charge and quick release two-way charging treasure, does not consume mobile phone power, and can also quickly charge the mobile phone.

U1 adopts the latest fast charging chip IP5332 zishan u1
Integrated QC2.0 / QC3.0 output fast charging protocol
Integrated FCP input / output fast charging protocol
Integrated AFC input / output fast charging protocol
Integrated SFCP output fast charging protocol
Integrated MTK PE + 1.1 & 2.0 output fast charging protocol
Integrated USB C DRP protocol, support input and output fast charge
Compatible with BC1.2, Apple, Samsung mobile phone fast charge

As shown in FIG,
When charging U1, the fast charging head wiring is inserted into the CHARGE port.
When charging the phone with U1, you need to connect the two-head TYPEC to the U1 CHARGE port and the USB port of the phone.
The button is the power indicator, click to see the current power.

Overview zishan u1
Overview zishan u1

U1 is a daughter card compatible with the Italian Amanero digital interface
Zishan’s preferred dual crystal + CPLD I2S solution, which leads to I2S key signals for players to DIY. Just want to connect to the computer and do not want to toss the buyer to unplug the battery directly, short J1 can be used as a “desktop” USB decoder, U1 is at this time The USB DAC port takes power.

The configuration of this decoder is not simple, but the Amanero digital interface + full blood AK4493EQ + Tu 9V power supply + dual OP275 + native 3.5 LineOut + HIFI standard amp for the tube amp! It is convenient for everyone to pick up the speaker.
The default firmware is compatible with CPLD_for_1080 + DSD512 × 48 × 44

Support up to PCM 384K 32Bit
The DSD hard solution only guarantees DSD128, because the profit is meager, other DSD256 DSD512 settings must be tossed by Baidu or Google, search for the keyword “Italian amanero foobar2000 settings”, very much information. Important things said three times: meager profit, no technical support! Low profits, no technical support! Low profits, no technical support! The following DSD setting links are for reference only.

Android phones directly use dual TYPE-C cables, one end is connected to the phone TYPE-C port, and the other is connected to the U1 USB DAC port. Generally, Haibei is used to open USB exclusive or USB Audio Player PRO.

Please note that there are many Android phone models and system versions There are many, not necessarily all support USB DAC output, these are Zishan can not control, need buyers toss, it is recommended to first understand whether their mobile phone supports USB DAC output, U1 only guarantees to connect to the computer.

Promotion zishan u1
Promotion zishan u1

Apple phones need to buy a Lighting to Type-C cable, or buy an Apple camera kit, one end connected to the Apple phone Lighting port and the other connected to the U1 USB DAC port, Apple plugs in is the USB DAC output, and the playback software is free.

If there is no recognition or use Disconnected after a few tens of seconds, indicating that the pro-Lighting to Type-C cable or the decryption chip in the camera case is pirated, it is recommended to buy it again.
The profit is meager, and the above two lines are not standard, you need to buy them separately. Only one standard computer cable is connected.

Smart power-on and power-off, plug in the USB DAC, U1 will automatically power on, the indicator light is on the knob, and the power will be turned off automatically when the cable is pulled out.

Automatically turn off the high-voltage op amp power in 5 minutes at minimum volume, automatically shut down at 20 minutes in minimum volume, and automatically restore when volume is increased

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